Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Winner Does NOT Take All

In 1960, Richard Nixon didn't challenge the system.
But in 2016, Donald Trump will challenge the system.

It is obvious, Donald Trump is not going to win California. All 55 Electoral Votes will go to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump will not accept this. Donald Trump will challenge California.

The post-election focus will be on California.

Let us start from the basics. In American Democracy, there are three branches.

  • Legislative Branch
  • Executive Branch
  • Judicial Branch
All Branches are Equal. Somehow, that fact is lost in the interpretation of the Constitution. It is now interpreted as a Hierarchical Structure with Executive Branch is at the top. Legislative Branch is reporting to the Executive President and the Judicial Branch is at the bottom.

Even in democracy, those Legislative members and Judges see a King in the Executive Branch; now America is desperate to see a Queen. 

In future, for State of the Union Address, the Senators, House of Representatives & Judges need not stand-up and salute the Head of the Executive Branch. Let those Military Generals salute their Commander-in-Chief. Also, just listen to the President Address; not clapping and making noises. Don't make it as a political entertainment in competition with Hollywood.
So, whenever there is a conflict, Judicial Branch will take charge and resolve the conflict.

The Judicial Branch has already started their work with fresh reading and interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. They are prepared for the post-election conflict.

This challenge is on the interpretation of the election results. So, it is valid legal challenge. There is no need for re-election.

Donald Trump will challenge the system as:

  • if winner takes it all, then let Hillary Clinton have One Vote per State.
  • otherwise, winner cannot take it all; 
  • split the 55 based on county
If California 55 Electoral Votes are divided based on the outcome at the Congressional District level, then, the result will be:
  • Donald Trump gets 20 California Electoral Votes
  • Hillary Clinton gets 30 California Electoral Votes
  • Gary Johnson gets 3 California Electoral Votes
  • Jill Stein gets 2 California Electoral Votes
Donald Trump will challenge the Election Result on this account. Winner-Takes-All is designed by the Legislative Branch of the California State. This interpretation will be challenged in the California Judicial Branch first; and then will be at the Supreme Court.

There will be a tremendous support for this case from the General Public. In this issue alone, Donald Trump would emerge as American Hero.

The Common Citizen have no idea about all these confusions about Electoral College. So, they will feel that they are being cheated. So, the people will rise against the mis-interpretation of the election results.

 People in the Silicon Valley and Northern California will vote in favor of Hillary Clinton. San Diego and the Souther California will vote in favor of Donald Trump. So, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump cannot take ALL 55.

California alone is not United States. California was not part of initial 13 Motherly States. California is part of the 37 Sisterly States. The rest of the 49 envy and jealous of the Political Power of California. Naturally they will be against the ever-growing Political Power of California.

There will be a legal challenge to give EQUAL Political Power for all 50 States. Whether it is big or small in size; less or more in population; you get to elect One President and One Vice-President.

Two Votes per State.

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