Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Integrity of the Election

The post election period will be lot of chaos and confusion.

A winner is the one, who wins in all three fronts.
  • Big margin in Popular Vote
  • Win 26 plus States
  • Win 270 plus Electoral Votes
If you look at the history, Ronald Reagan and Big Bush won in 1984 & 1988. All other elections are not in a big margin. 

In this election, there will be no clear winner. One candidate may lead in Popular Vote. Another candidate may lead in Number of States. The official winner will be the one with 270 plus Electoral Votes. So, naturally, there will be chaos and confusion on November 9 onwards.

This 2016 election is all about Donald Trump. He is the only candidate. People either vote for Donald Trump or vote against Donald Trump. People are not in favor of any other candidates. As people have no choice, all votes against Donald Trump will go to Hillary Clinton.


Ronald Reagan
Walter Mondale
Popular Vote
One Vote per State
Electoral Vote

Right now, Donald Trump has been complaining about rigging. Hillary Clinton may use the same, in case Donald Trump wins.

Who is accountable for the Presidential Election in United States.

The General Election is de-centralized. It is the responsibility of the state governments. Each state governments has a Secretary of State and that person is accountable for the integrity of the Election. In fact, the State Secretary has to respond to Donald Trump's 'rigging' comments.

As the media says, both candidates are not perfect. So, certainly both are not going to accept the results easily. For both, this is the last chance. So they will fight it out all the way.

Both may have already formed a battalion of legal attorneys to challenge every county in the country.


George H.W. Bush
Michael Dukakis
Popular Vote
One Vote per State
Electoral Vote

fraud - a thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

The fraud #1: Deceiving the voters.

We, The People will cast their vote on November 8. They believe that they are voting for or against Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. That's absolutely false.

In California, on November 8, people cast their vote to select the 55 Presidential Electors. In fact in California, 4x55 = 220 candidates are in the field for the 55 position of Presidential Electors.

We, The People don't know the names of those 220 candidates; they will not know the names of those 55 winners of the Presidential Electors on November 9. 


Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
Popular Vote
One Vote per State
Electoral Vote

The fraud #2: Presidential Electors.

Even if Donald Trump wins in November 8 election, GOP will not allow him to become the President of United States.

Nobody knows, who control the Presidential Electors. 

The Presidential Electors cast their vote by ballot in December and elect the President and Vice President. They cast two votes; not a single vote. One separate vote for the President and the other separate vote for the Vice President.

The Presidential Electors are loyal and faithful to their political party. It is against Constitution; but it has been the practice. They will not listen to Donald Trump; they will listen to their party high command.

It is legal and valid. The Presidential Electors could elect Mike Pence as the President and Donald Trump as the Vice President. Donald Trump will have no choice; accept the offer or resign it. 


George W. Bush
Al Gore
Popular Vote
One Vote per State
Electoral Vote

The fraud #3: Faithless Electors.
Only a few states have the faithless electors concept. In many states, they could do anything.

In the December election, The Presidential Electors may cause any kind of damage. They may abstain from voting; they refuse to vote for Donald Trump; they may vote for Hillary Clinton.

The November election result is not the final one. The December election result is the final

November election, Donald Trump may win.
December election, Hillary Clinton may win.

It is also possible; not any of these candidates; not Donald Trump; not Hillary Clinton. The Presidential Electors may elect totally any new persons as the President and Vice President.


In November election, the authority is transferred from We, The People to the 538 Presidential Electors.

In December election, the 538 Presidential Electors will have the authority to elect anyone as the President and anyone as the Vice President.

2016 General Election is the challenge on the Constitution of United States.  
It will highlight the strength of the Constitution and the fraudulent nature of the system.   

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