Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Not High; Not Low; but Real

He Did It!

Look at the headlines of all media!

CNN: "I will keep you in suspense."

FoxNews: "Trump may challenge the result."

ABC: "Trump refuses to say whether he'll accept election results."

The media has to give up Access Hollywood Tape and start discussing this topic.

Hillary Clinton camp did a bad judgement on AHT2005 (Access Hollywood Tape - 2005).

This is HoC era. That is House of Cards era. Any human being of age 30, could learn a lot from HoC. Obviously, Frank Underwood is the best politician in Washington DC. Frank Underwood have used the AHT2005, right after the third debate.

You should let your opponents to go high and higher. Donald Trump would have kept going high and higher in every debate. Then you release the AHT2005, then Donald Trump would have a great fall and get no chance for any recovery.

About Election Result, one person did appreciate Donald Trump on this statement.

That is, Al Gore!

Al Gore did want to challenge the result. Because, presidential election is a state subject.
The Supreme Court cannot interfere in the authority of the state.
State judicial system is responsible to make any verdict on election results.
But other Democrats forced Al Gore to concede to Bush.

Coming to the other topics...

The debate didn't go low; the debate didn't go high; the debate was real.

After this much fight, hand-shaking will be a fake one. Both didn't shake hands.
Being real is the right thing than faking.

Debate is like any sports; soccer, football or any other game.
They are rivals. They are fighting against each other.
Pretending as friends is not possible. It will be faking.

Like games, for future, the moderator could introduce Red Cards, Yellow Cards and Penalty.

Challenging election results push the sex tape back. That is a great plus for Donald Trump.

Debate is all about America.
America didn't go too low; America didn't go too high; America is now real; no more faking.

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