Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bernie Sanders

When they go low we go high.

In this whole election season, the common people picked up that quote. Even at work, people started mentioning when you go low, I go high. But the fact is, to go high position in the hierarchy, you need to go low; there is no other way.

In primary elections, to prevent Bernie Sanders, Hillary had to go low. In 2008, to prevent Hillary from breaking the glass ceiling, both Barack and Michelle Obama had to go low. After occupying White House, everyone will like to stay high.

Not just Donald Trump, every citizen keep this election in suspense. Have you observed? At work, there is no water-cooler talk. Nobody makes any casual comment on the debate or any topic. It has never been the case.

Absolutely, no bumper sticker in the car. Nobody reveals their choice. This election result is going to be a shock and surprise to all.

Surprisingly, many people still support Bernie Sanders. They may write Bernie Sanders name in the blank box. That is going to be a challenge to the election process.

The State Secretary has to explain. What will happen, more people write Bernie Sanders name in the box. What will happen, if Bernie Sanders gets more votes than all other candidates? Bernie Sanders have not given any list of Presidential Electors. How will Bernie Sanders get his 55 Presidential Electors from California?

Could Bernie Sanders transfer his votes to Hillary Clinton? Or will those votes go waste?

Likewise, could Gary Johnson and Jill Stein transfer their votes in favor of any candidates?

Right now, the question is, who could certainly stop Donald Trump?

Obviously, as per media reports, Hillary Clinton has the lead; but not certain.

Bernie Sanders certainly could stop Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders could save both establishments. Bernie Sanders could save Democratic Party; Bernie Sanders could save Republican Party; Bernie Sanders could save the traditional and social media.

Bernie Sanders is not only against Donald Trump, but also against any other CEO coming into politics. Let it be Michael Bloomberg or any Silicon Valley CEO, Bernie Sanders is against it.

As a last attempt to save the political legacy and continue the status quo, the establishment could bring Bernie Sanders back, to stop Donald Trump.

As per the Constitution, you could change the candidate any time before the final December election by the 538 presidential electors. So, Bernie Sanders could replace Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton could withdraw from the race on health ground.

Only group against Bernie Sanders will be the Wall Street big banks and other billionaires.

In the whole election, Bernie Sanders did mobilize a huge volunteer force. Two weeks is good enough to bring about the change. Bernie Sanders could certainly stop Donald Trump.

The State Secretary could issue a statement that, all ballot with  vote for Hillary Clinton will be considered as a vote in favor of Bernie Sanders. All Presidential Electors (D) will vote for Bernie Sanders as the President and Tim Kaine cannot be the Vice President. Both President and Vice President cannot be from the same state Vermont. That was the reason Rudy Giuliani could be the Vice President for Donald Trump.

But, why do we have a blank box in the ballot? Could people write any names in there? How will that person gets the 55 Presidential Electors. The whole system is in a state of confusion.  

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