Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Anderson Cooper

There is a difference between Traditional Media and Social Media.

In Social Media, nobody owns the content; and nobody is responsible for the content. In Traditional Media, the media persons own the content and they are responsible for the content.

In Social Media, the content exists in doubt. When the Traditional Media takes the content, then the content becomes truth; and it exists forever as part of history.

So, the Traditional Media still has its value and it does have a responsibility. Traditional Media does not refer to any institutions or corporations. It refers to those individuals; not because these individuals are eloquent and charismatic; but because of their character of integrity.

Anderson, what is democracy?

Is democracy all about freedom of expression and freedom of speech?

Does freedom of expression refers to - anyone could speak or write or express anything they want as long as it fits into legal category?

Or, does freedom of expression comes with responsibility?

It did happen in an university dormitory. Two persons were sharing a room. One person was gay. That person had his private moment with his partner. The roommate secretly video captured this action and made it public for the entire school. The gay roommate committed suicide. The video captured person is in jail.

The person who did secretly capture the video would never have imagined that his roommate would commit suicide. That was not his intention. He failed to realize the depth of hurt, his action may cause in his roommate. Had his roommate not committed suicide and ignored the video, both would be living.

Had it not been United States of America, had it not been Donald Trump; the outcome of your action is unpredictable. Had it been in any other part of the world, the whole family would have committed suicide.  In some cases, they may try to take advantage of the situation. The family may pick a person and that person needs to sacrifice his or her life.

All content are not the same. Some content are sensitive to legal system; some content are sensitive to religion; some content are sensitive to the society; some content are sensitive to the nation.

Anderson, the way you handled this content is very amateur way; not in a professional way.

Ideally, when Donald Trump came into the debate hall, he could have asked for time to speak to the people directly. Donald Trump pretended as if nothing happened and business as usual.

Alternatively, Anderson, you could have offered an opportunity. "Mr. Trump, take your time and talk to American people."

Instead, you went on with the entire conversation of that video. When those words came out of your mouth; in the 2016 debate; it was registered as part of history of the great nation. The content is no longer in doubt; it is now truth.

Anderson, if you had understood the sensitive nature of the content; if you had handled the content in a responsible manner, the damage would have been minimum. Now, it is gone out of your hand.

When Donald Trump wins the election; when the President of United States of America, Donald Trump visits international events such as, Climate Control in Paris, the words that came out of your mouth will be on display and that is how the rest of the world would welcome the next President of United States.

Whatever the damage, Anderson you caused on Donald Trump will be the permanent damage on your nation, if Donald Trump is elected as the President.

Anderson, how could you ask, that question?

When Donald Trump was talking, you did ask, "Did you do that?"

That is, for a second, at that moment, Anderson, you were Media Nazi.

Anderson, you know, Donald Trump has family; he has ten year old kid. For a second, do you think about that kid. How could that kid face his friends in school?

Even in Saudi Arabia, if someone commits a crime, they bring that person to the street.

Here in United States, two friends had a casual, private conversation. Both did enjoy that conversation. Both didn't hurt anybody in that conversation. There is no victim.

But, Anderson, your action was worse than Saudi Arabia scene. You brought Donald Trump literally to the street.

In Saudi Arabia, the physical hurt is visible; you could see the wound; you could see the blood flowing out from the body; you could see the death of a person.

In the debate, Anderson - all your actions were non-violent; but the psychological hurt is beyond any measurement or description.

Anderson, why do you hate Donald Trump so much? Did Donald Trump cause any damage to you and your organization? You were all out to take revenge on Donald Trump.

Your question on tax; did you take advantage of your multibillion loss; that is very immature.

If a person doesn't take advantage of his loss is a bad business man.

Anderson, you don't feel comfortable imagining Donald Trump as the President, then you jump into the race.

At least, be truthful to the people of United States. Tell people that, they are not voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Citizens cast their vote and elect the Presidential Electors only.

Anderson, tell the truth. Not telling the truth is also dishonesty.

Summary: Freedom comes with lot of responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is chaos.

No human is born as bad person; all human doesn't need to die as bad persons.

Historically, if you look at the life of many saints, they were the worst criminals in their early life.

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