Friday, October 14, 2016

Final Battle

Even House of Cards, VEEP couldn't imagine a story line that could bring down a party-nominated candidate with the subject of sex. Frank Underwood failed to realize the power of sex. Frank Underwood brought down the President Garrett Walker with a Chinese business connection. Frank Underwood finished the senator with his drug addiction. Frank Underwood threatened his Secretary of State with murder to yield to Claire Underwood. But, Frank Underwood never used sex to bring down anybody.

There are only two kinds of men. Men who got the opportunity and men who didn't get opportunities. But, sex is a very powerful subject. When it comes to sex, people apply very high standard on others; but not on self.  

CNN is not interviewing Bob Dylan. If you watch CNN now, it resembles more like a pornography channel. The content is rated 'R' It is CNN responsibility to make sure America gets a president with high-moral value character.

It is a final battle for the whole political establishments of United States. Political establishments survival is at stake. Definitely, they will fight for their survival.

  • Republican Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Commission on Presidential Debates
  • Traditional Media
Donald Trump disrupts all of the above and replaces them with:
  • Constitution of United States
  • We, The People
  • Social Media

For a time being, people forget all their real-life issues and start relaxing with listening to the sex stories of various victims. It is so sad to realize the fact that all these victims couldn't seek help from the United States Judicial Branch. Now, they are selling their stories in CNN at the right time for a higher price. Don't they want justice? Don't they want to put Donald Trump in jail?

What is the law of this land? Do victims go to police station and make a complaint? That is what people do in developing countries. Victims demand justice. Here in United States, everything is market economy. Victims sell their stories in CNN. If Donald Trump wins, CNN will go bankrupt.

The country faces real-life issues. But people are addicted to their prime television channel and have to listen to their propaganda. In general, propaganda promotes a candidate. In some cases, propaganda is used to finish a candidate. The fact is propaganda is a form of violence.

Here is the list of few real-life issues:

  • Flint Water Crisis
  • Student Loan
  • Islamic State challenge
  • Drug Cartel challenge
  • North Korea challenge
  • Russia, Iran challenge
  • China and other country economic challenge
  • Healthcare
  • Unemployment
As a citizen; forget about being presidential candidate; what is his rights.

What are the fundamental rights of Donald Trump?
Is Donald Trump guilty?
If Donald Trump is guilty, then what are the punishments?

Or, Is Donald Trump innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law?

Who could protect Donald Trump's fundamental rights?

Could Donald Trump seek for stay in a court of law for temporary ban on broadcasting any sex stories in CNN?

What do we teach to the younger generation? If you're a sex victim, go to CNN?

If CNN could successfully defeat Donald Trump with their propaganda power, then who would save the lives of people from any terror attack?

Donald Trump life is a open book. Donald Trump never try to hide anything from anyone.
Even now, Donald Trump didn't lie. Had it been any other country, they would have handled the tape issue in a different way. Here are a few ways:

Never accept it; deny it totally and completely.
In one of their meeting, they would have organized a show.
In the loud speaker, they broadcast the exact conversation.
At that time, they will make the leader walk into the stage;
in this case, Donald Trump walks into the stage.

The leader also enjoys the conversation.
Then slowly they focus on the box area, two mimicry artists are performing the conversation.
With that they try to convey that, don't believe such false propaganda.

Lying is not an easy thing to do. Lying is an art. In general, politicians master the art of lying.
Donald Trump never made any attempt to learn that art.

It is a challenge for both, Donald Trump and Political Factions.
Only people could decide whether to try something new or continue with the same old tradition.

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