Friday, September 30, 2016

Presidential Candidates Debate

As per the Constitution of United States, there is only one President.

If President Barack Obama and President Rodrigo Duterte had a debate, that shall be called as the Presidential Debate. Because, both are presidents elected by the citizens of their nation.

Here, you have candidates only. It shall be titled as, Presidential Candidates Debate.

In 1960, the rest of the world didn't have television. In fact, in that period, the rest of the world had no idea about American Democracy. The rest of the world were familiar with King & Queen; and some nations were familiar with Prime Ministers; but not about the President of United States.

In 2016, the rest of the world know about American Democracy more than their the citizens of United States; more than the politicians of United States.

The rest of the world learn about the Constitution of United States and constantly validates the Constitution with your actions.

The rest of the world have no voting rights in the United States election; but they do watch your actions in television. Not only in television, but also in the Internet.

The rest of the world watch your actions with a curiosity and interest of a Hollywood movie. They watch your actions as the next episode of House of Cards.

Don't wash your dirty undergarments in public in front of the world audience. They are laughing at you; they are laughing at America.

You may have forgotten about Three Branches of the Constitution; but the rest of the world just learn about the balance of power.

When you ask about the policy of the presidential candidate on any subject; let it be domestic or foreign; the world audiences read the Constitution again and try to validate the question.

The rest of the world says, the President of the Executive Branch doesn't have any authority over policy. The United States policy is made by the Legislative Branch. The President executes the policy made by the Legislative Branch.

Why the moderator asked the question about policy to the presidential candidate?

Hillary Clinton said: Donald Trump enjoys hanging out with young women.

Hillary is burdened with:

  • Bill Clinton
  • Barack Obama
  • Bernie Sanders
Thank Goodness, Donald Trump didn't respond in his usual way. 

Donald Trump response could have been: 

No! Certainly Not in the White House. Hello Bill! Do you want to go back to White House? Last time you were busy with Presidential responsibilities; even in that condition, you had good time. Now, you are a free man without any responsibility. Parents may hesitate to send their young daughters to White House for internship.

It's true; they invented the Internet. Bill Clinton and Al Gore did invent the Internet. Without government support, Internet evolution could not have happened. Thanks to Bill Clinton & Al Gore.

The technology companies built the Internet; but nobody could predict its use; could predict the people demand for the Internet. All companies built the web site and provided information. There was nothing like great demand for the Internet.

It was Bill Clinton episode that brought many servers down. That was the first time, the Silicon Valley companies realized the potential of the Internet. All servers were crashing; huge demand for reading Kenneth Starr report. It was just a document; not a video. At that period, there were no social media. Still, the Internet couldn't scale for the demand of the citizens.

The citizens may have their own way of enjoying the life; but they do expect high moral values from their President.  

So, Bill Clinton is a burden to Hillary.

Coming to the cyber security, Hillary couldn't save DNC from the attack; how could Hillary save the nation from any cyber threat

When Hillary said that she talked to the technology leaders about cyber security, Donald Trump mentioned his ten year old son. Donald Trump stands on his own and his family members strength. Donald Trump doesn't rely on the Republican party strength. 

Most probably, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani may get cabinet positions; others may have to retire from politics.

You know, Twitter is desperate to sell their company now. If they miss this period, then they may need to wait for another four more years.

Both names starts with T

Twitter & Trump

Trump may buy Twitter and hand it over to his ten years old son. Trump may buy a home in Atherton for his younger son and his wife. The daughters and older sons could run the country from the East coast. His wife and younger son would run the country from the West coast. 

With one investment, Trump may get all 55 electoral votes.

In 2008, Barack Obama did prevent Hillary from breaking the glass ceiling. When Hillary speaks great about Barack Obama, nobody takes it seriously. 

Besides that, Hillary is burdened with Barack Obama performances as the President. Hillary has to defend Barack Obama decision on Iran.

Now that Bush family endorses Hillary, Hillary is burdened with Bush decision on Iraq war.

Hillary said; Donald thinks the Climate Change is hoax.

It reminds Bernie Sanders. That was the statement made by Bernie Sanders.

In 2016 primaries, Bernie Sanders damaged Hillary reputation to a great extent.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has no burden; no burden at all.

Donald Trump is not burdened with Bush performance. 
Donald Trump is not burdened with any earlier actions of the Republican party or the Republican Senators.

Donald Trump is totally free from any burden of politics.
Donald Trump projects himself as an outsider; new; first time entry into politics.
Again, in these two years, Donald Trump didn't play any politics.
Donald Trump has been playing straight game.

Media may not observe; but people observe small, little actions.

In one of the debate, the moderatos were announcing the names in the wrong order. Ben Carson was in an embarrassing moment. Donald Trump waited and supported Ben Carson. All other candidates were just passing by; they didn't pay any attention to Ben Carson. People saw the human side of Donald Trump in that simple action.

Picking Ben Carson would have been good political decision; but Donald Trump didn't do it.

So, Hillary playing with human color - it looks very ugly in the world audience
Somehow, Hillary had been trying to take advantage of Donald Trump business decision; instead of demonstrating Hillary strength.

People don't care whether Donald Trump run a casino business; or pay tax to the government. In fact, people would eager to learn from Donald Trump how to avoid tax.

What did you do with those taxes people paid? Politicians make bad decisions and spend the tax money in Iraq or Iran.

Bullying. In fact, people don't consider that Donald Trump is bullying Hillary. 

Who is out there? Winston Churchill or Mahatma Gandhi?
No. All leaders are bullies. Only Donald Trump could effectively handle the current challenges of world leaders. 

Physical weakness, people don't take it serious. John F. Kennedy, FDR - people still respect them.
But, psychological weakness - people will not ignore it.

Any person have gone through sufferings at home; at her own party; naturally go weak.
2008 was Hillary best. At that Hillary did crack the ceiling; this time the glass broken; not the one in the ceiling; but the one at foot, where she is standing. 

It is a downfall; not just for Hillary; but for the entire political establishment; both parties collapsing.

Physical health is a good reason to quit. Let Michelle or Bernie or both could enter.

It was so sad, when Hillary had to quote Michelle's DNC speech in the debate; nothing original with the stamp of Hillary.

Again it was so sad, when Hillary had to mention Bill's economic performance; not standing on her own leg; seeking support from others.

In any game, you could see this:

The team manager asks for time-out and switches players in the middle of the game. The manger sees the current situation and challenges; based on that, manager takes decision to switch players.

So, both DNC & RNC could take a joint decision to handle the Donald Trump crisis.
Together they could send John Kasich and Bernie Sanders. 
Let us decide at the electoral college who is the President and who is the Vice President.

John Kasich is a man of principle and did stay away from the National Convention.
Bernie Sanders - you may not agree with his policy; but it is original. 

In politics, there are no permanent enemies. For the interest of the nation, both Democrats and Republicans could form an alliance and challenge Donald Trump.

Nowadays, nobody likes anybody.
Love doesn't exist at home.
Love doesn't exist at work.

So, nobody loves any presidential candidate.
It is all about leadership and strength to face the global challenge.

People may not like Donald Trump; people may not like his bullying nature.
But people may seriously consider Donald Trump for global challenges.

So, wake-up Democrats & Republicans.
The crisis is real and it is right here; right now.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Electoral College Confusion

Ever Growing California Electoral Map
It is a tremendous growth of California Political Power. In the beginning of 1900, California had only 10 Electoral Votes. in 2016, it has achieved 55 Electoral Votes; ten percent of total 538.

This is Michigan Electoral Map. The Electoral Votes do not always increase; sadly, many states have been losing their share of electoral votes. That means, many states have been losing their political power in the federal system.

In another decade, California would reach the magic number of 100 Electoral Votes.
By 2030, California would reach the 270 Electoral Votes.

In 2030, if a person could win the hearts of Californians, that person would become the President of the United States.

Here is the result of 2000 Election

  • George W. Bush 
    • won 30 states
    • 271 electoral votes
  • Al Gore 
    • won 20 states
    • 266 electoral votes
Because of California, Al Gore got comparable Electoral Votes.

Here is the result of 1960 Election
  • John F. Kennedy
    • won 22 states
    • 303 electoral votes
  • Richard Nixon
    • won 26 states
    • 219 electoral votes
The Electoral College system is in real mess; if you don't fix it now, in future it is going to create chaos and confusion.

In the Federal System, Michigan and California are not equal. California keep going up and Michigan going down.

As per the Constitution, all states are equal. The Constitution is designed for the initial 13 states. The Founding Fathers didn't visualize for massive expansion from 13 to 50. 

55 for California is not the right thing.
and that 55 is not distributed; that is not fair at all.

Either you distribute the 55 Electoral Votes based on the result at the Congressional District level.
Or, go for One Vote per state.

In that way, if a person win 26 plus states; let that person be the President.

It would be better to make things clear before the election; otherwise, United States would be a laughingstock in the world arena in November 2016.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Disruption Starts at Home

We did disrupt many established regime in the Middle East and other parts of the World.

So, it is natural; disruption now happens at home.

The two political party had been established for two centuries.
Both Democrats & Republicans had a good run for 1800 & 1900.

It is so sad, both parties are not prepared for this century; 2000.

In 2000 itself, George W. Bush & Al Gore disrupted the Electoral College.

In 2008, the first time Senator Barack Obama disrupted the established Democrats party.

Now, in 2016, both Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders disrupted both parties.

Why Your Industry Is About To Be Disrupted

Blame it on Republicans!
Republicans were not prepared for Donald Trump.

The well-established Republicans were so confident that they could defeat Donald Trump in the primaries. But they miserably failed in their efforts.

Now, the Republicans make statements that they will not vote for Donald Trump.

Likewise, Bernie Sanders disrupted the Democrats.

In this century, in 2000 election, both Al Gore and George W. Bush could mobilize a huge volunteer force.

In 2008 election also, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain; all able to mobilize a lot of volunteer force.

But in this 2016 election, only Bernie Sanders could mobilize a good volunteer force; they are still active; but not for Hillary; and not for Donald Trump.

So, the political establishment in the United States of America has already been disrupted.

Even other candidates for Senators, House of Representatives and Council Members don't use any labels such as Democrats & Republicans. They contest on their own strength and they effectively use the Social Network.

Is Disruption a good thing?

You could have avoided disruption if you had destroyed the Constitution of United States.

All politicians could have made the Constitution of United States as a secret, classified document.

When you keep all documents open; when you publish those Federalists Papers; disruption happens naturally.

In Vatican, they don't have any written Constitution.  From Wikipedia:

A papal conclave is a meeting of the College of Cardinals convened to elect a new Bishop of Rome, 
also known as the Pope. The pope is considered by Roman Catholics to be the apostolic successor of Saint Peter and earthly head of the Roman Catholic Church. The conclave has been the procedure for choosing the pope for almost a thousand years, and is the oldest ongoing method for choosing the leader of an institution. 

Vatican is highly protected. There will be no disruption in the election of the Pope for many centuries.

Likewise, the British has no written Constitution. Hence only the politicians know the process and others cannot disrupt the status quo.

Had you adopted the practice of the Chinese Government, nobody could disrupt the political process.

Here in United States, those Founding Fathers built a wonderful platform for, We, The People.

Disruption happens naturally.

Disruption could have been avoided, had Bernie Sanders continued in the field. But, Bernie had been eliminated.

There would have been no disruption, had Ted Cruz managed to win the nomination.

But right now, nobody feels comfortable with Donald Trump as the President of United States. Even, those who are ready to vote for Donald Trump, they will never mention it in public.

In fact, the entire credit for the current disruption will go to Donald Trump.

It is not too late yet. You could avoid the current disruption and save both political party.

Switch the candidate position. Mike Pence as the President and Donald Trump as the Vice President. People would start feeling comfortable with it and there will be no disruption.

Bring Bernie Sanders back as the President or as the Vice President. There will be no disruption.

In that way, you could save your political establishments. Act Now!

Otherwise, you cannot stop the current disruption.

As, Sheryl Sandberg said:

We cannot change 
what we are not aware of, 
and once we are aware, 
we cannot help but change. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sheryl Sandberg

The selection of the next President of United States should not be a two year entertainment. In fact, Donald Trump raised this question: Why does the President Obama campaign for Hillary and not doing his job at WhiteHouse. That is a very valid question.

In fact, currently two Governors are busy in campaigning; and they are not doing their job as Governor. In fact, those Governors get paid by tax payers money. It is a criminal waste. They should quit their current office and run as the Vice President.

Does America want a Woman President? Here you go!

Do you want to learn about Sheryl? Just Google it!

This is not 1700; this is 2016.

Great leaders are available and they are ready to lead.

They are already running global organizations.
They are the right fit for the George Washington's Job.

Sheryl Sandberg could effectively lead the Executive Branch of the United States of America from day one from the White House.

Will Sheryl Sandberg seek the office of the President of the United States of America?


Then, could the office of the President of the United States of America seek Sheryl Sandberg?

Yes. That is possible.

The Constitution of United States of America is designed for this purpose.

If we, the people adopt and follow the constitution in its words and spirits, then Sheryl Sandberg could become the President of United States of America.

As per the constitution:

  1. the citizens elect the Presidential Electors in the first phase of the election.
  2. in the second phase, those 538 Presidential Electors will elect Sheryl Sandberg.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors consider the names of all proven leaders of America.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors evaluate those leaders.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors discuss about the character of integrity of those leaders.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors argue about the leadership qualities of those leaders.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors shortlist the names.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors elect by vote the President of United States of America.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors elect by vote the Vice President of United States of America.

John Chambers


In order to appreciate the reasons for the Electoral College, it is essential to understand its historical context and the problem that the Founding Fathers were trying to solve. They faced the difficult question of how to elect a president in a nation that:
  • was composed of thirteen large and small States jealous of their own rights and powers and suspicious of any central national government
  • contained only 4,000,000 people spread up and down a thousand miles of Atlantic seaboard barely connected by transportation or communication (so that national campaigns were impractical even if they had been thought desirable)
  • believed, under the influence of such British political thinkers as Henry St John Bolingbroke, that political parties were mischievous if not downright evil, and
  • felt that gentlemen should not campaign for public office (The saying was "The office should seek the man, the man should not seek the office.").

How, then, to choose 
a president without political parties, 
without national campaigns, and 
without upsetting the carefully designed balance between the presidency and the Congress on one hand and between the States and the federal government on the other? 

ladies & gentlemen should not campaign for public office

The saying is 
"The office should seek the lady or the man, 
 the lady or the man should not seek the office."

America does have many great leaders.  There is no shortage of leadership in America.
Not only in Silicon Valley, but also in Hollywood and in other places too.

These leaders have demonstrated their leadership qualities and have transformed many human lives.

As it is said, person should NOT seek the office.
So, they never seek the office.

In fact, Winston Churchill didn't seek the Prime Minister position in 1940. But the nation did seek the leadership of Winston Churchill.

Crisis demands Leadership.

Will John Chambers seek the office of the President of the United States of America?


Then, could the office of the President of the United States of America seek John Chambers?

Yes. That is possible.

The Constitution of United States of America is designed for this purpose.

If we, the people adopt and follow the constitution in its words and spirits, then John Chambers could become the President of United States of America.

As per the constitution:

  1. the citizens elect the Presidential Electors in the first phase of the election.
  2. in the second phase, those 538 Presidential Electors will elect John Chambers.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors consider the names of all proven leaders of America.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors evaluate those leaders.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors discuss about the character of integrity of those leaders.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors argue about the leadership qualities of those leaders.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors shortlist the names.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors elect by vote the President of United States of America.
Let those 538 Presidential Electors elect by vote the Vice President of United States of America.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Friend --

I want to take a moment to tell you how thankful I am for everything you're doing to help elect Hillary Clinton and Democrats across the country so we can protect and build on all the progress we've made together these past eight years.

Your support means everything to me and Barack, and we know that Hillary is counting on you every bit as much as we have for so many years. She's fighting so hard to win, because just like Barack, she loves this country and is committed to lifting people up and bringing us together.

I couldn't be more proud to have Hillary as our party's nominee for president because she stands on the right side of history on civil rights, climate change, immigration, and so many other critically important issues -- and I know you agree.

We need to make sure she knows that we've got her back! So if you're able to, pitch in $3 or whatever you can right away to help Democrats win up and down the ballot on Election Day.

Thank you so much.



Look at the timing. Perfect. 

2016 election is all about a woman executive president. 
If Hillary quits, the party would nominate Michelle Obama as the presidential candidate.
Tim Kaine would be the Vice-Presidential candidate.

Here is the list of qualifications:

  • in good health
  • very impressive speech in the convention
  • no email security issue
  • no Benghazi
  • no Foundation
  • capable to challenge Donald Trump
  • capable to energize the Presidential Election
  • excellent performance as First Lady
  • experienced in the White House
  • ready to lead as Commander-in-Chief from day one
  • may consult with Barack Obama
  • first woman President of United States of America
  • first african-american-woman President in history
  • ready for the Presidential Debate
  • continue with Obama care
Unfortunately, We, The People are watching the current events as the next episode of House of Cards or Veep. The real events are more interesting than any fiction.

Barack Obama may permit Michelle to use his winning slogan, Yes, We Can!

Hillary broke the glass ceiling! 

Now, Michelle is ready to take off!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

One Vote for Each State

Clause 3: Electors

The Electors shall meet in their respective States, and vote by Ballot for two Persons, of whom one at least shall not be an Inhabitant of the same State with themselves. 
source: Hillary Health

A weekend of stumbles has Hillary Clinton suddenly looking vulnerable at a pivotal moment of her battle with Donald Trump.  The damaging video of Clinton lurching into the arms of her security detail -- dramatically turned the state of her health from conservative conspiracy theory into a genuine campaign issue.
    The episode also exacerbates questions about transparency that have long dogged Clinton's White House bid after the campaign revealed the Democratic nominee is suffering from pneumonia -- a fact it kept quiet since Friday.

    If Hillary quits on health condition, who will get the chance?

    Will Bernie Sanders get the chance? Or will Tim Kaine get the chance?

    If Bernie Sanders is back, then Tim Kaine cannot be the Vice-Presidential candidate. 

    As per the constitution, the Virginia Presidential Electors cannot vote for the two from the same state.

    Bernie Sanders has to choose another person from other state as his running mate. 

    Along with Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine also needs to go.


    And they shall make a List of all the Persons voted for, and of the Number of Votes for each; which List they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the Seat of the Government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate.

    In the 1800, the above map was the United States of America. There were only 13 states. One time zone for the entire country. The Constitution is all about - all states are equal; whether it is big or small in geographical size; or in population; all states were considered equal.

    The total Presidential Electors were 138 only.

    Thomas Jefferson got 73 Electoral Votes.

    But, today in 2016, California itself has 55 Electoral Votes.

    Obviously, all states are not equal anymore.

    In Future, the candidates may select a few states and they work on their numbers. They may ignore other states.

    The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted. 

    The Person having the greatest Number of Votes shall be the President, if such Number be a Majority of the whole Number of Electors appointed; and if there be more than one who have such Majority, and have an equal Number of Votes, then the House of Representatives shall immediately chuse by Ballot one of them for President; and if no Person have a Majority, then from the five highest on the List the said House shall in like Manner chuse the President. 

    But in chusing the President, the Votes shall be taken by States, 
    the Representation from each State 
    having one Vote; 

    A quorum for this Purpose shall consist of a Member or Members from two thirds of the States, and a Majority of all the States shall be necessary to a Choice. In every Case, after the Choice of the President, the Person having the greatest Number of Votes of the Electors shall be the Vice President. But if there should remain two or more who have equal Votes, the Senate shall chuse  from them by Ballot the Vice President.

    At present, California, Texas and few other states act like big brother with high number of Elector votes. Other states may feel small. Certainly, all states are not equal.

    Currently, each state appoint their Presidential Electors and they send the Number of Electoral Votes to the Speaker of the Congress. All Electoral Votes come to the common pool and whoever gets 270 plus is declared as winner.

    Obviously, if a person manages to get Electoral Votes from California, Texas, Florida that person could ignore other small states.

    Instead of common pool, if we ask each state to declare the winner of their state; then we shall count how many states each candidate win.

    If a candidate wins 26 plus states, that person shall be declared as the President.

    Then, no candidate would just focus on California, Texas and Florida. They would pay same kind of attention to each state.

    In the Constitution,  it is clearly mentioned as,
    Each State having One Vote

    The Founding Fathers would not have imagined of expansion of United States from 13 to 50. Definitely, they would not have dreamed about California.

    55 out of 538 - is dangerously big number.
    California owns more than 10% of total 538.

    This is not fair. In future, many may move from other states into California. Then California would have 250 Presidential Electors vote. Other state may lose their numbers because of decrease in population.

    Whether it is small or big; one Vote per state.

    Then the magic number will no longer be, 270 plus.

    It will be, 26 plus states.
    A person needs to win 26 plus states to become the President of United States.

    It's time for a review on the Constitution. New challenges and new opportunities are emerging. It is the responsibility of, We, the People, to review the Constitution of United States.

    No need for General Election

    source:Presidential Electors

    Today, all presidential electors are chosen by the voters, but, in the early republic, more than half the states chose electors in their legislatures, thus eliminating any direct involvement by the voting public in the election.

    This practice changed rapidly after the turn of the nineteenth century, however, as the right to vote was extended to an ever-wider segment of the population. As the electorate continued to expand, so did the number of persons able to vote for presidential electors, to its present limit of all eligible citizens age 18 or older. The tradition that the voters choose the presidential electors thus became an early and permanent feature of the electoral college system, and, while it should be noted that states still theoretically retain the constitutional right to choose some other method, this is extremely unlikely.

    The existence of the presidential electors and the duties of the electoral college are so little noted in contemporary society that most American voters believe that they are voting directly for a President and Vice President on election day.

    Although candidates for elector may be well known persons, such as governors, state legislators, or other state and local officials, they generally do not receive public recognition as electors. In fact, in most states, the names of individual electors do not appear anywhere on the ballot; instead only those of the various candidates for President and Vice President appear, usually prefaced by the words “electors for.”

    Moreover, electoral votes are commonly referred to as having “been awarded” to the winning candidate, as if no human beings were involved in the process.

    Recently, we were on a road trip to Vancouver, Canada. We did drive through three states and very surprised to see absolutely no enthusiasm in the Presidential Election. But, still people do feel the Bern in many cities.

    Had Bernie Sanders been an independent Presidential Candidate, there would have been no change and the status quo may have continued for many decades. Bernie Sanders had been successful as an independent senators; he may have been successful as an independent Presidential Candidate; but miserably failed as a Democratic nominee.

    Had Bernie Sanders been a running mate, then also, the status quo may have continued for many decades.

    But at this stage, Our Revolution doesn't work. Historically, the revolution were conceived and delivered by individuals; not any organizations. Whether it is religion or politics, individual has been the source of revolution. Individuals who enjoy total and complete freedom, they create revolution.

    Coming to the current situation; there was a single commercial hoarding in Seattle for Gary Johnson. There were few Trump banners along the I-5; doesn't seem to be voluntary support.

    Perhaps, in November, people may wear a badge:

    don't blame me!
    I didn't vote 
    2016 election.

    Obviously, there are no news about US Presidential Election in Canada. Perhaps, Canadians would have actively participated in 2016 election, had Ted Cruz been the nominee.

    Do we really need a General Election in 2016? In the initial stage, with those 13 motherly states, many states didn't have the general election. The states were appointing the electors.

    Those 13 states did maintain their individual characteristics. They didn't blindly follow other states. Now, we have 50 states. If each states do try out different options, in the end, we may find the right way.

    It is not fair. As computer professionals, we don't allow the politicians to review our software codes; but we are entering into their arena and reviewing their political process. Our software doesn't even qualify as a beta version; but we are finding bugs in their political process.

    Even in 2016, a few states could experiment with - No General Election.

    Let the states appoint the presidential electors; just like those jurors.

    Jurors are not elected by people; The Judicial system has a process for the selection of Juror.

    In fact, Donald Trump did go through the Juror selection process.

    CNN may quote:
    Donald Trump failed to qualify 
    as a Juror. 
    How could then Donald Trump 
    qualify to be 
    the Executive President?

    Fox News may quote:
    Yes. Donald Trump 
    doesn't belong to 
    the Judicial Branch. 
    In fact, Donald Trump 
    has never been a 
    Senator or House of Representative. 
    So, Donald Trump 
    doesn't belong to 
    the Legislative Branch. 
    Then, naturally, 
    Donald Trump qualify for 
    the Executive Branch.
    This is the moment to demonstrate the individual characteristics of states. The Constitution of United States empower the states. This is the time to test the authority of the states.