Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Electoral College Confusion

Ever Growing California Electoral Map
It is a tremendous growth of California Political Power. In the beginning of 1900, California had only 10 Electoral Votes. in 2016, it has achieved 55 Electoral Votes; ten percent of total 538.

This is Michigan Electoral Map. The Electoral Votes do not always increase; sadly, many states have been losing their share of electoral votes. That means, many states have been losing their political power in the federal system.

In another decade, California would reach the magic number of 100 Electoral Votes.
By 2030, California would reach the 270 Electoral Votes.

In 2030, if a person could win the hearts of Californians, that person would become the President of the United States.

Here is the result of 2000 Election

  • George W. Bush 
    • won 30 states
    • 271 electoral votes
  • Al Gore 
    • won 20 states
    • 266 electoral votes
Because of California, Al Gore got comparable Electoral Votes.

Here is the result of 1960 Election
  • John F. Kennedy
    • won 22 states
    • 303 electoral votes
  • Richard Nixon
    • won 26 states
    • 219 electoral votes
The Electoral College system is in real mess; if you don't fix it now, in future it is going to create chaos and confusion.

In the Federal System, Michigan and California are not equal. California keep going up and Michigan going down.

As per the Constitution, all states are equal. The Constitution is designed for the initial 13 states. The Founding Fathers didn't visualize for massive expansion from 13 to 50. 

55 for California is not the right thing.
and that 55 is not distributed; that is not fair at all.

Either you distribute the 55 Electoral Votes based on the result at the Congressional District level.
Or, go for One Vote per state.

In that way, if a person win 26 plus states; let that person be the President.

It would be better to make things clear before the election; otherwise, United States would be a laughingstock in the world arena in November 2016.


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