Sunday, September 11, 2016

No need for General Election

source:Presidential Electors

Today, all presidential electors are chosen by the voters, but, in the early republic, more than half the states chose electors in their legislatures, thus eliminating any direct involvement by the voting public in the election.

This practice changed rapidly after the turn of the nineteenth century, however, as the right to vote was extended to an ever-wider segment of the population. As the electorate continued to expand, so did the number of persons able to vote for presidential electors, to its present limit of all eligible citizens age 18 or older. The tradition that the voters choose the presidential electors thus became an early and permanent feature of the electoral college system, and, while it should be noted that states still theoretically retain the constitutional right to choose some other method, this is extremely unlikely.

The existence of the presidential electors and the duties of the electoral college are so little noted in contemporary society that most American voters believe that they are voting directly for a President and Vice President on election day.

Although candidates for elector may be well known persons, such as governors, state legislators, or other state and local officials, they generally do not receive public recognition as electors. In fact, in most states, the names of individual electors do not appear anywhere on the ballot; instead only those of the various candidates for President and Vice President appear, usually prefaced by the words “electors for.”

Moreover, electoral votes are commonly referred to as having “been awarded” to the winning candidate, as if no human beings were involved in the process.

Recently, we were on a road trip to Vancouver, Canada. We did drive through three states and very surprised to see absolutely no enthusiasm in the Presidential Election. But, still people do feel the Bern in many cities.

Had Bernie Sanders been an independent Presidential Candidate, there would have been no change and the status quo may have continued for many decades. Bernie Sanders had been successful as an independent senators; he may have been successful as an independent Presidential Candidate; but miserably failed as a Democratic nominee.

Had Bernie Sanders been a running mate, then also, the status quo may have continued for many decades.

But at this stage, Our Revolution doesn't work. Historically, the revolution were conceived and delivered by individuals; not any organizations. Whether it is religion or politics, individual has been the source of revolution. Individuals who enjoy total and complete freedom, they create revolution.

Coming to the current situation; there was a single commercial hoarding in Seattle for Gary Johnson. There were few Trump banners along the I-5; doesn't seem to be voluntary support.

Perhaps, in November, people may wear a badge:

don't blame me!
I didn't vote 
2016 election.

Obviously, there are no news about US Presidential Election in Canada. Perhaps, Canadians would have actively participated in 2016 election, had Ted Cruz been the nominee.

Do we really need a General Election in 2016? In the initial stage, with those 13 motherly states, many states didn't have the general election. The states were appointing the electors.

Those 13 states did maintain their individual characteristics. They didn't blindly follow other states. Now, we have 50 states. If each states do try out different options, in the end, we may find the right way.

It is not fair. As computer professionals, we don't allow the politicians to review our software codes; but we are entering into their arena and reviewing their political process. Our software doesn't even qualify as a beta version; but we are finding bugs in their political process.

Even in 2016, a few states could experiment with - No General Election.

Let the states appoint the presidential electors; just like those jurors.

Jurors are not elected by people; The Judicial system has a process for the selection of Juror.

In fact, Donald Trump did go through the Juror selection process.

CNN may quote:
Donald Trump failed to qualify 
as a Juror. 
How could then Donald Trump 
qualify to be 
the Executive President?

Fox News may quote:
Yes. Donald Trump 
doesn't belong to 
the Judicial Branch. 
In fact, Donald Trump 
has never been a 
Senator or House of Representative. 
So, Donald Trump 
doesn't belong to 
the Legislative Branch. 
Then, naturally, 
Donald Trump qualify for 
the Executive Branch.
This is the moment to demonstrate the individual characteristics of states. The Constitution of United States empower the states. This is the time to test the authority of the states.

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