Sunday, September 25, 2016

Disruption Starts at Home

We did disrupt many established regime in the Middle East and other parts of the World.

So, it is natural; disruption now happens at home.

The two political party had been established for two centuries.
Both Democrats & Republicans had a good run for 1800 & 1900.

It is so sad, both parties are not prepared for this century; 2000.

In 2000 itself, George W. Bush & Al Gore disrupted the Electoral College.

In 2008, the first time Senator Barack Obama disrupted the established Democrats party.

Now, in 2016, both Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders disrupted both parties.

Why Your Industry Is About To Be Disrupted

Blame it on Republicans!
Republicans were not prepared for Donald Trump.

The well-established Republicans were so confident that they could defeat Donald Trump in the primaries. But they miserably failed in their efforts.

Now, the Republicans make statements that they will not vote for Donald Trump.

Likewise, Bernie Sanders disrupted the Democrats.

In this century, in 2000 election, both Al Gore and George W. Bush could mobilize a huge volunteer force.

In 2008 election also, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain; all able to mobilize a lot of volunteer force.

But in this 2016 election, only Bernie Sanders could mobilize a good volunteer force; they are still active; but not for Hillary; and not for Donald Trump.

So, the political establishment in the United States of America has already been disrupted.

Even other candidates for Senators, House of Representatives and Council Members don't use any labels such as Democrats & Republicans. They contest on their own strength and they effectively use the Social Network.

Is Disruption a good thing?

You could have avoided disruption if you had destroyed the Constitution of United States.

All politicians could have made the Constitution of United States as a secret, classified document.

When you keep all documents open; when you publish those Federalists Papers; disruption happens naturally.

In Vatican, they don't have any written Constitution.  From Wikipedia:

A papal conclave is a meeting of the College of Cardinals convened to elect a new Bishop of Rome, 
also known as the Pope. The pope is considered by Roman Catholics to be the apostolic successor of Saint Peter and earthly head of the Roman Catholic Church. The conclave has been the procedure for choosing the pope for almost a thousand years, and is the oldest ongoing method for choosing the leader of an institution. 

Vatican is highly protected. There will be no disruption in the election of the Pope for many centuries.

Likewise, the British has no written Constitution. Hence only the politicians know the process and others cannot disrupt the status quo.

Had you adopted the practice of the Chinese Government, nobody could disrupt the political process.

Here in United States, those Founding Fathers built a wonderful platform for, We, The People.

Disruption happens naturally.

Disruption could have been avoided, had Bernie Sanders continued in the field. But, Bernie had been eliminated.

There would have been no disruption, had Ted Cruz managed to win the nomination.

But right now, nobody feels comfortable with Donald Trump as the President of United States. Even, those who are ready to vote for Donald Trump, they will never mention it in public.

In fact, the entire credit for the current disruption will go to Donald Trump.

It is not too late yet. You could avoid the current disruption and save both political party.

Switch the candidate position. Mike Pence as the President and Donald Trump as the Vice President. People would start feeling comfortable with it and there will be no disruption.

Bring Bernie Sanders back as the President or as the Vice President. There will be no disruption.

In that way, you could save your political establishments. Act Now!

Otherwise, you cannot stop the current disruption.

As, Sheryl Sandberg said:

We cannot change 
what we are not aware of, 
and once we are aware, 
we cannot help but change. 

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