Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ben Carson quits

The Pandavas led by Krishna decided to cheat in the war by breaking the rules. Lord Krishna knew that it was not possible to defeat Drona face to face. He also knew Drona’s love for his son Ashwathama who was fighting alongside his father.

An elephant named Ashwathama was present at the Kurukshetra battlefield. Bhima killed this elephant and shouted, "Ashwathama is dead". When Drona heard this he got down from his chariot as he couldn’t believe his ears. He approached Yudhistira as he knew that Yudhistira would never lie.

Yudhistira replied to Drona that ‘Ashwathama is dead’ but then he also added ‘not your son but an elephant’. However Drona couldn’t hear the second part as the drums and trumpets on the Pandava side started playing loudly (on Krishna’s instructions). Drona dropped his weapons and started meditating and was beheaded by enemies.

The son Ashwathama couldn’t bear the sadness of his father’s death and he was enraged by it. He decided to avenge Drona’s death by using the Narayanastra, which was an extremely powerful weapon. Huge numbers of the Pandava army was killed by this weapon but somehow the Pandavas survived.


In the battlefield, they were not supposed to kill elephant and horse. Still, they did kill the elephant, Ashwathama. Then they passed the misinformation and caused confusion. It was a lie; but still they presented as information which was misunderstood by others.

The presidential election is not a high school sport. It's not even a Super Bowl game. It is a war and all are enemies. You need to eliminate the enemies standing on this platform and then you need to eliminate the enemy of the other party. It is a war. The end matters; not the means. By hook or by crook, win it.

The end result is, Ted Cruz won Iowa. On the other side, by flipping a coin, Hillary Clinton won. The winners took advantage of the situation. The news media keeps all their senses open for receiving any challenges. When CNN announced about Ben Carson, others couldn't take advantage of the situation. But, Ted Cruz team saw an innovative opportunity in CNN announcement and they took advantage of it. In business, this quality is appreciated and is rewarded. In politics also, this action is regarded as a qualification to transform real world challenges into innovative opportunities for America.

In other sports, when they find out the winner have drug abuse, they may take away the gold medal from the winner and give it to the next person. But not in politics.

In general, human beings could be identified as:
  • Innocent
  • Ignorant
  • Intelligent
  • Clever
  • Cunning
When born, all human beings are innocents. But then, as they grow up, they lose their innocence. A very few, live and die as innocents. For them, the entire life is a struggle from cradle to graveyard; they struggle to keep their innocence.

Even in fiction like House of Cards, the writer couldn't come up with an innocent character. It is a surprise to learn about the innocence of Ben Carson. He is innocent. Ben Carson cannot survive in this race for White House.

It is not an election to the Pope. It is an election to the highest authority on planet earth. Ben Carson may be a right fit to become a Pope and preach peace for the world. Perhaps, Ben Carson would be more surprised, when he goes through the process in Vatican. It is not a transparent election.  

Nobody in United States of America is cunning. Politicians in other parts of the world are cunning. It's not that they want to be cunning; but they have to be cunning for their survival. It is not the fault of the players. It is the fault of the platform. The platform is crooked. 

United Kingdom doesn't have a written constitution. So, all politicians have to be cunning for their survival. The fact is, the House of Cards original is about the British politics. Only one politician on the British platform did survive without cunning; that was Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was intelligent; but not cunning. His mother was an American.  

Winston Churchill's political career was a total failure. He couldn't survive in Stanley Baldwin politics. Winston Churchill was about to retire from the British politics; but in 1940, Great Britain needed Churchill. After the war, Churchill was no longer needed. In 1945, Winston Churchill lost the election.

Ignorance in the executive branch will be a dangerous one. In a nuclear submarine, when a person does a thing out of ignorance, it will be considered as a felony. Whether that ignorant action causes damage or not, the punishment is the same. In 2008, Hillary Clinton had a clean record. But, as Secretary of State, out of ignorance about the security of email servers, now her records are not clean. More over, it looks like Obama fired Hillary from the Secretary of State job and hired John Kerry. It is obvious, John Kerry has made a difference with his performance as Secretary of State.  John Kerry may still have an ambition and opportunity to become the President of United States.

The political platform in the United States of America is the best one. The platform was built 300 years ago by the founding fathers. It will last for many more centuries. This is the best platform for intelligent persons. There was no need for being clever and cunning on this platform. Just be truthful; you could perform very well.

Right now, Frank Underwood is dominating in American politics with his cleverness. 

When Claire Underwood enters into American politics, that will be the end of Frank Underwood politics in Washington D.C.

Claire Underwood is not an innocent; not an ignorant; not clever and cunning. But Claire Underwood is an intelligent person. Intelligent person needs two basic things; one is food; another is sex. They have their own list of things as moral value. Truth is the way they live. They cannot pretend or lie. They cannot fake and they cannot tolerate others faking.

Claire Underwood doesn't have skill to deliver an impressive speech; but Claire Underwood speaks truth and nothing but truth. Claire Underwood speaks like any ordinary citizen; in their language. Claire Underwood could never learn the art of the politicians of Washington D.C

Truth is like a new born baby. Have you observed new born baby? a fresh one? You don't care about cleanliness or beauty or fancy dress. You enjoy the freshness. 

Intelligent person delivers truth; the raw one; not polished truth; not with any fancy dress. Truth is naked. The media has been used to monotonous, memorized 25 seconds speech of legislative members. The executive is not about speech; it is all about action. 

Claire Underwood has no experience of Frank Underwood. Does America need the experience of Frank Underwood. The challenges and opportunities are always new and fresh. Experience doesn't help in facing challenges and opportunities. In fact, experience has been burden for innovation.

Silicon Valley is the proof for innovation. Here, experience doesn't matter. Freshness, open mind and learning skills are the basic ingredient for innovation. With the burden of experience, people cease to learn new things. Discard experienced politicians.

Earlier media used to cook food of their choice and feed people with it. Media never try to understand about people and their need. People need is to learn truth. People do not want to listen to speech. People would enjoy action.

With social media, with her intelligence, Claire Underwood enters into the presidential race of United States of America on March 4.



Tuesday, February 2, 2016

GOP nominates Marco Rubio

The Grand Old Party nominates Marco Rubio as Republican presidential candidate. With Marco nomination, it will become a Grand Young Party. Marco may choose a young lady for Vice Presidential candidate. May be an african-american VP.  That is GOP plan for 2016.

On the Democrats side, Hillary Clinton won the nomination. Hillary fought with the establishment about the tie and made them to declare a win for Hillary. Bernie Sanders was in the same situation of Al Gore 2000.

Both political establishments have decided their candidates. It will be between Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. The pattern continues. It's Republican turn to live in the White House. Marco Rubio will be the President of United States of America. The entire continent of America, from Canada to Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Argentina, also from Spain and Portugal would celebrate Marco's victory. All others could now go home and enjoy their life.

American politics is Frank Underwood's House of Cards. The world witnessed it at Iowa.

Come on! Flip a coin!!!

And you call this as the most advanced and developed nation on earth. The Chinese are laughing at this democracy. In India, they have microprocessor based electronic voting machine and they announce results in fraction of a second to a very high precision value. What would you do, if there are more than two candidates; would you roll a dice.

Why don't you adopt the soccer game plan? Give an extra time for the game and then if it is still a tie, then give a penalty shot and then a sudden death way.

Ted Cruz. Iowa is not a win for Ted. GOP cannot take a chance on Ted. Ted is not eligible for the Executive President. So, GOP chose Marco Rubio.

It's Frank Underwood suggestion to let Ted win Iowa and then onwards it will be Marco Rubio; and slowly Ted will be sidelined. GOP had already given up on Donald J Trump.

It is a survival for the political establishment. They are not going to give up.

It is Frank Underwood's House of Cards.  

House of Cards may appear to be a very strong one. But, the fact is, The Constitution of United States is a living document. It is the best software designed and developed 300 years ago by the best team of developers.  It is bug free; robust, flexible. It is agile and extensible.

It is now, House of Cards versus US Constitution.

It is now, We, The People versus We, The Political Establishments.

It will no longer be the government of Republicans and Democrats.

It will be the government of We, The People.

It is just House of Cards. When true people come forward, the House of Cards would collapse.

It is just Iowa caucus; not the general election.

Perhaps, in the history, 2016 would be the last year for any caucus election. There will not be any primary or caucus election in Iowa in future. The next generation would laugh at us for flipping a coin to elect an Executive  Presidential candidate.