Tuesday, February 2, 2016

GOP nominates Marco Rubio

The Grand Old Party nominates Marco Rubio as Republican presidential candidate. With Marco nomination, it will become a Grand Young Party. Marco may choose a young lady for Vice Presidential candidate. May be an african-american VP.  That is GOP plan for 2016.

On the Democrats side, Hillary Clinton won the nomination. Hillary fought with the establishment about the tie and made them to declare a win for Hillary. Bernie Sanders was in the same situation of Al Gore 2000.

Both political establishments have decided their candidates. It will be between Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. The pattern continues. It's Republican turn to live in the White House. Marco Rubio will be the President of United States of America. The entire continent of America, from Canada to Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Argentina, also from Spain and Portugal would celebrate Marco's victory. All others could now go home and enjoy their life.

American politics is Frank Underwood's House of Cards. The world witnessed it at Iowa.

Come on! Flip a coin!!!

And you call this as the most advanced and developed nation on earth. The Chinese are laughing at this democracy. In India, they have microprocessor based electronic voting machine and they announce results in fraction of a second to a very high precision value. What would you do, if there are more than two candidates; would you roll a dice.

Why don't you adopt the soccer game plan? Give an extra time for the game and then if it is still a tie, then give a penalty shot and then a sudden death way.

Ted Cruz. Iowa is not a win for Ted. GOP cannot take a chance on Ted. Ted is not eligible for the Executive President. So, GOP chose Marco Rubio.

It's Frank Underwood suggestion to let Ted win Iowa and then onwards it will be Marco Rubio; and slowly Ted will be sidelined. GOP had already given up on Donald J Trump.

It is a survival for the political establishment. They are not going to give up.

It is Frank Underwood's House of Cards.  

House of Cards may appear to be a very strong one. But, the fact is, The Constitution of United States is a living document. It is the best software designed and developed 300 years ago by the best team of developers.  It is bug free; robust, flexible. It is agile and extensible.

It is now, House of Cards versus US Constitution.

It is now, We, The People versus We, The Political Establishments.

It will no longer be the government of Republicans and Democrats.

It will be the government of We, The People.

It is just House of Cards. When true people come forward, the House of Cards would collapse.

It is just Iowa caucus; not the general election.

Perhaps, in the history, 2016 would be the last year for any caucus election. There will not be any primary or caucus election in Iowa in future. The next generation would laugh at us for flipping a coin to elect an Executive  Presidential candidate.

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