Saturday, January 30, 2016

Donald J Trump challenges the GOP

The Debate

This is the first time, people get to choose between two events. People are familiar with the legacy debate in the television; same old moderators; same old format; same old questions; and same old answers. Nothing new will be there in the legacy debate; it is okay to miss live; people could watch it later on rebroadcasting or in online video.

But, Donald Trump event is new. People were curious to learn about the setting, presentations, format and also Trump's speech. You won't believe it; almost for 15 minutes, people were watching the empty stage, audiences and other activities. But they didn't switch over to Fox to watch the debate.

Then Donald Trump walked in and gave a speech. Very simple, straight to the point; not talking anything bad about anybody. When he is not irritated, Trump maintains his coolness. Donald Trump may be a rich person; but he is like an average Joe. That is the reason, general public easily connects with Donald Trump.

One reason may be his construction business. In his business, Donald Trump may be comfortable with both executives as well as construction workers.  In high-tech industry, the CEO may limit his/her connection with the top-level management executives; but not in construction or in agriculture or in a manufacturing factory. Naturally, the construction company CEO feels comfortable with the language of construction workers. It is not bad at all. In fact, it is real and no faking in that relationship.

In high-tech industry, the management pretends to be nice and on many instances, without any consideration, they do lay-off or let go their staffs. In construction business, the CEO may kick ass of their workers; but let them continue to live and work for them. Even in dismissing an executive, Donald Trump says, "You're Fired." It is simple; what you see is what you get. There are no two personalities in Trump. In today's world, very few has this basic human quality.

Donald Trump's speech was short; but clearly conveyed his vision. Trump offered the stage for Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. In fact, both did use the stage for their advantage and they delivered a good speech better than their undercard debate.

Undercard debate may be a new idea and innovation of the legacy news media. The legacy media invents this for their survival. Do they announce one winner from Undercard and one from Uppercard debate.

Right now, it looks like, Donald Trump has already been qualified with gold medal, Uppercard debate is for the second position silver medal and Undercard debate is the third position bronze medal.

The whole election campaign process has been going on for two years. With so many debates, going around primaries and caucus, going around the entire nation from east coast to west coast, all these candidates are tired and exhausted. After the end of two years journey, the elected president has celebration for a quarter and then onwards starts resting at White House. After these exhaustion, the elected president will not have any energy to perform his job. At that time, external forces execute their attack on United States.

Somehow, the democracy model of government is now reduced to a political entertainment with many episodes and seasons; with long, tiring campaign followed by a high-profile election. Once the election is over, all three branches are in conflict. Democracy is full of talk, slogans; but no actions.

Single party government in China is the best alternative to democracy. Islamic State is an another effective model of government without the burden of Legislative and Judicial branches. In other models of government, they have only one branch and that is Executive branch. In one whole executive model, the government works effectively without any conflicts, chaos and confusions.

There is no point in continuing with the current model of debate for presidential election. These debates have hidden agenda. The legacy television media see debate as business opportunity. The moderators see debate as the advancement of their careers. The moderators have competition among themselves and the questions are not flowing naturally. They came prepared with questions. They may have rehearsed several times. All they care about is, staging their rehearsal in front of larger audience. The entire debate is now a theater drama with actors playing their roles and delivering their dialogues.

In an elementary or high school, or in a college, or in an university - students may ask questions, in trying to learn and understand things and the teacher or professor will answer those questions and help their students to learn the subject. At the end of the semester, teachers conduct test and ask questions to evaluate the understanding of the students.

In the presidential debate, it is not clear. Are these moderators trying to learn from these candidates?  Or do they evaluate these candidates with these questions? These debates are like the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Moderators ask questions and candidates are expected to answer to qualify for the presidential elections.

But in this debate, candidates didn't answer moderators questions. Many times the candidates were rude and asked the moderators that why did you ask this question. People don't ask these questions; then why do you ask these questions. Moderators couldn't help; they remained silent.

For many questions, candidates responded with a long political discourse and avoided answering the question. Again, moderators could't help and moderators said that okay, let us move on.

Moderator asked Ben Carson. Do you think the GOP messaging on Muslims has stoked the flames of bias on this as the Democrats suggest, and how would you answer this veteran?

CARSON: Well, I don't know about the GOP messaging, but I can tell you about my messaging. You know, need to stop allowing political correctness to dictate our policies, because it's going to kill us if we don't.

In Russia, China, India, United Kingdom, the candidate could not make a statement like this. Candidate cannot have his or her own policy. Candidate has to understand and execute the political party policy. Grand Old Party is totally irrelevant for democracy in United States.

At the end, Ben Carson tweeted that he didn't get enough opportunity in the debate. Perhaps Donald Trump could you have provided a stage for others without any interruptions of a bell sound.

For this decade, GOP or any other political party have no relevance in United States. The legacy television debates lost its entertainment value. Serious candidates are now challenging the traditions. Only a few feel comfortable with the tradition and they keep trying to maintain it forever.

All current events are now getting recorded and the future generations may watch them and they may wonder about these political traditions. Certainly, they are not going to adopt this elimination process.

For Donald J Trump, skipping this debate is like testing the water. Megyn Kelly was not the main reason for skipping the debate. Even Fox News was not the reason too. GOP is the main reason.

The truth is, Donald J Trump did challenge the GOP. Let the party nominate Donald J Trump or he is ready to go as an independent.

When Donald J Trump go independent, the GOP may nominate Ted Cruz. In that situation, Donald J Trump would challenge Ted Cruz in Supreme Court for his eligibility. The GOP does not have a plan B and could not announce an other candidate. The GOP will be in a state of shock.

Donald J Trump compared GOP debate with Democrats debate. Democrats has only three candidates; but here in GOP, why do we still have so many on the platform. What is the need for having an undercard debate at this stage.

Donald J Trump has already picked up his competitive candidate. In this event, Donald J Trump mentioned Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump said, more people are going to Bernie Sanders meeting.

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