Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Megyn Kelly for George Washington's Job

Megyn Kelly Unfazed By Trump Drama

She says she will keep asking hard questions at Thursday's debate

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has had lots of bad things to say about Fox News Host Megyn Kelly. He has called her “very biased,” implied that her hormonal cycle affects her journalism and tweeted as recently as Wednesday, “I refuse to call Megyn Kelly a bimbo, because that would not be politically correct. Instead I will only call her a lightweight reporter!”

Kelly knows all the sound and fury is part of Trump’s brand. “I haven’t been on Twitter as much lately,” she deadpans. Speaking more broadly about the tone of the 2016 race, she cautions that some of the candidates have been cavalier in their approach. “They want George Washington’s job. They all need to watch their communications carefully,” she said.

Even before the latest chapter in the Trump-Fox spat, Kelly was preparing for a debate that she promises will focus on substance and not personalities. It will be the final time the candidates meet face-to-face before Iowa’s Feb. 1 caucuses. “This is probably Debate 501. We’ve moved past Debate 101,” Kelly said. As such, her questions are going to be even tougher.

But that doesn’t mean she’s going out on limbs or trying to trick candidates, she said. “I won’t be asking any questions to which I don’t know the answers,” she said. It’s an approach she brings to the anchor chair after years as an attorney. “It’s your journalistic responsibility. It’s a security blanket,” she said.

That preparation has helped her keep the candidates honest when they try to blow off her questions, whether on the debate stage or on her nightly show, The Kelly File. When she quotes one of their earlier statements or cites a statistic, she makes a point of having the original source just off-camera. “You only have to take that lesson once or twice,” she said.

It will be Kelly’s second turn as a debate moderator during the 2016 campaign, but perhaps not her last. Asked if she would like to moderate one of the three general-election debates between the eventual Republican and Democratic candidates, she had little hesitation. “Hell yes,” she said.

She added that she remains disappointed that the Democrats didn’t partner with Fox News for one of their debates. “They’re crazy not to come over here. We have proven that we are not in the tank for anyone,” Kelly said. “It’s going to be fair, if they did it.”


First and foremost, we do appreciate Megyn Kelly for that high value sentence,

"It's George Washington's Job"

Yes, it is. For this statement, Megyn Kelly qualifies for George Washington's job.

Next thing is, it is a crisis situation at Fox.  The situation is equivalent to September 11 attack on Twin Towers. And, Megyn Kelly is quite, calm, undisturbed, stay focus and continue to working on preparations for the debate. 

Crisis demands leadership. So, Megyn Kelly has leadership qualities and she qualifies for George Washington's job.

“I won’t be asking any questions to which I don’t know the answers,” Megyn Kelly said. 

She knows the questions. She knows the answers. Then why are we still looking for the right person for the job. Megyn Kelly qualifies for George Washington's job.

she remains disappointed that the Democrats didn’t partner with Fox News for one of their debates.

This is bipartisanship. She tries to reach Democrats. Megyn Kelly tries to find a common platform for all.  Megyn Kelly qualifies for George Washington's job.


This is what gonna happen on Thursday evening.

Megyn Kelly sits in the moderator chair.

All candidates start coming in.

Donald Trump doesn't show up.

The center stage is empty.

Chris Wallace, the moderator says, "the show will go on with or without Trump."

Megyn Kelly stands up and says, "as Trump walks away from the debate stage, I also walk away from the moderator stage." Megyn Kelly walks into backstage.

A new person gets introduced as a moderator replacing Megyn Kelly.

All candidates are ready. All moderators are ready.

The debate is about to begin. Millions of viewers worldwide watching the show.

Megyn Kelly walks into the stage with a new dress and stands in the center stage.
One person fixes a new name plate on top of Donald Trump.

It says, Megyn Kelly.

All candidates are looking around with surprise and shock.

Marco asks, "Megyn, are you going to ask questions from standing here?"

Megyn just smiles.

The moderator says, "Megyn, you have 2 minutes to make your statement."

Megyn looks at the camera and starts talking to We, The People.

It is an accident. But I am ready for it. I am going to run for the presidential election.

Within 5 minutes in Twitter, Anderson Cooper announces that he is going to challenge Megyn Kelly.

Anderson Cooper for President of the United States

Television Anchor becoming President of United States

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