Thursday, September 13, 2012

Television Anchor becoming President of United States

Hey Anderson,

There was a movie made in India. It is all about a television anchor becoming the President. As part of his profession, this television anchor was interviewing the head of the state. During the interview, the TV guy asked so many questions. For instance, you as television anchor interviewing the President.

You ask questions about the economy, about Afghanistan, about employment and so many tough questions. The President tries to give you diplomatic answer; the President is not willing to go into details. The President keeps complaining about the system; about Congress and its members. But, you are not taking those as answers. The President lost his cool and challenged the television anchor.

The President says, “Anderson, it is easy to ask questions. Politics is not easy as you think. There are so many challenges. Real challenges from outside; internal economic and employment problems. And a very tough Congress. It is not an easy job.”

Anderson says, “Yes. Mr. President. Those things do exist. Everyone knows about it. President of United States is a very challenging job. But still people do expect you to deliver; people are not willing to listen to your excuses.”

The President says, “Anderson, let me challenge you. Just one day; just one day; could you sit in the President chair.”

Anderson says, “Me. I am happy about my job. I don’t want to take away your job.”

The President laughs and says, “See, that is the problem. You are scared. Nobody wants to take  responsibility. But they want to question the President.”

Anderson says, “No. Mr. President. I am not scared. I just don’t wanna do.”

This time, the President seriously challenges Anderson. The President says, “Anderson, I am serious. I want you to sit in the President chair for one day. I want you to learn and understand the job of the President. Then you can report to the people with greater responsibility.”

Anderson starts thinking.  The interview is on live television. Whole America is watching.

The President continues, “Constitutionally, it is possible. If you are ready, we can have you take the oath right here, right now. If you are not ready to take up my challenge, then let us finish the interview.”

Anderson is sweating. After a while, Anderson says, “Yes. I will take up this challenge.”

Supreme court judges came to the studio. Anderson took oath and became the President of United States.

All he has is just one day.  In that one day, Anderson did wonders. All his one day actions are live on television. Along with television crew, Anderson talks to the Congress members. People are watching the performance of the Congress members. In a single day, Anderson worked with Congress members  and got their approval on all pending policies.

President Anderson talks to the people. Request the people to pay taxes immediately; tell them the importance of being true to the government and also to fellow citizens. Wall street starts working in the best of the best manner. Almost total transformation is happening all around the nation, in just one day.

With his performance, Anderson proved that the President can effectively function without any problems and can deliver the results. In climax, Anderson is about to hand over the power back to the President after the end of the day;  but people wants Anderson to continue.  Anderson participates in the election and becomes the President of United States.

This is Shankar. It is his script. More info on Shankar,

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