Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Winner Does NOT Take All

In 1960, Richard Nixon didn't challenge the system.
But in 2016, Donald Trump will challenge the system.

It is obvious, Donald Trump is not going to win California. All 55 Electoral Votes will go to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump will not accept this. Donald Trump will challenge California.

The post-election focus will be on California.

Let us start from the basics. In American Democracy, there are three branches.

  • Legislative Branch
  • Executive Branch
  • Judicial Branch
All Branches are Equal. Somehow, that fact is lost in the interpretation of the Constitution. It is now interpreted as a Hierarchical Structure with Executive Branch is at the top. Legislative Branch is reporting to the Executive President and the Judicial Branch is at the bottom.

Even in democracy, those Legislative members and Judges see a King in the Executive Branch; now America is desperate to see a Queen. 

In future, for State of the Union Address, the Senators, House of Representatives & Judges need not stand-up and salute the Head of the Executive Branch. Let those Military Generals salute their Commander-in-Chief. Also, just listen to the President Address; not clapping and making noises. Don't make it as a political entertainment in competition with Hollywood.
So, whenever there is a conflict, Judicial Branch will take charge and resolve the conflict.

The Judicial Branch has already started their work with fresh reading and interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. They are prepared for the post-election conflict.

This challenge is on the interpretation of the election results. So, it is valid legal challenge. There is no need for re-election.

Donald Trump will challenge the system as:

  • if winner takes it all, then let Hillary Clinton have One Vote per State.
  • otherwise, winner cannot take it all; 
  • split the 55 based on county
If California 55 Electoral Votes are divided based on the outcome at the Congressional District level, then, the result will be:
  • Donald Trump gets 20 California Electoral Votes
  • Hillary Clinton gets 30 California Electoral Votes
  • Gary Johnson gets 3 California Electoral Votes
  • Jill Stein gets 2 California Electoral Votes
Donald Trump will challenge the Election Result on this account. Winner-Takes-All is designed by the Legislative Branch of the California State. This interpretation will be challenged in the California Judicial Branch first; and then will be at the Supreme Court.

There will be a tremendous support for this case from the General Public. In this issue alone, Donald Trump would emerge as American Hero.

The Common Citizen have no idea about all these confusions about Electoral College. So, they will feel that they are being cheated. So, the people will rise against the mis-interpretation of the election results.

 People in the Silicon Valley and Northern California will vote in favor of Hillary Clinton. San Diego and the Souther California will vote in favor of Donald Trump. So, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump cannot take ALL 55.

California alone is not United States. California was not part of initial 13 Motherly States. California is part of the 37 Sisterly States. The rest of the 49 envy and jealous of the Political Power of California. Naturally they will be against the ever-growing Political Power of California.

There will be a legal challenge to give EQUAL Political Power for all 50 States. Whether it is big or small in size; less or more in population; you get to elect One President and One Vice-President.

Two Votes per State.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

One Vote per State Challenge

1960 Presidential Election.

  • candidates:       John F. Kennedy vs Richard Nixon
  • popular vote:        34,220,984            34,108,157
  • states won:            22                           26
  • electoral vote:       303                         219
The candidates could challenge the system for 
One Vote per State.

Right now, whether it is Hillary Clinton or  Donald Trump, the Constitution of United States doesn't provide any special status to them as Presidential Candidates. They are just like any other citizens.

But, after election, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will get an unquestionable authority from the people of United States. With that power, they will challenge the system.

There will not be any violence. Only in other countries, there are violence during the transfer of power; but not in United States.

In other countries, the Magna Carta has not been implemented yet. So, there is no clear separation of the Executive and Judicial. The King or the Queen or the Prime Minister is still considered as the Head of the Judicial Branch. So, people have no trust in their Judicial System and take the case on to the street and involved in an act of violence. Then the military will demonstrate their power over the civilian systems.

In United States, people do trust the Judicial System. People do trust the Federal, State and County level Judicial System. So, people will not get on to the street and get into violence. Certainly, military will not take control over the civilian systems.

In 1960 election, Richard Nixon won more states than John F. Kennedy. If it is 2016, then the candidates would challenge the result. 

Before election, the candidates cannot challenge the system; but after election, the candidates could challenge the system. This challenge will be all about interpretation of the process. This challenge will be about the interpretation of the Constitution. The Constitution treats all states equal. If that is true, then each states would get TWO votes only.

California will not get 55; Texas will not get 38.

Right now, if a candidate wins California, that candidate gets 55 electoral votes.

If the other candidate challenges the interpretation, then the California winner will get only ONE vote.

This challenge cannot be done at the county or state level judicial system. It should be at the Supreme Court.

Popular Vote

1960 Presidential Election.

  • candidates:       John F. Kennedy vs Richard Nixon
  • popular vote:        34,220,984            34,108,157
  • states won:            22                           26
  • electoral vote:       303                         219

If this will be the case in this election, Donald Trump will challenge the result.

There could be two kinds of challenge:

  • challenge the election process
  • challenge the interpretation
Challenge the election process means that the candidate will challenge the validity of the registered voters. This challenge will be at the county level. Where ever there is a narrow margin, the candidate will challenge those counties. They may raise doubts over the eligibility of the registered voters. They may say that many dead people voted in this election; many non-citizens are registered and voted in this election.

Non-citizens like illegal immigrants and legal permanent residents, the Green Card holders - they may have valid Social Security Number; they may pay taxes; but they have no voting rights.

In fact, that is taxation without representation. The law should not discriminate against any residents of United States. In fact, in 2000, people of Iraq demanded for voting rights in United States. Their reason was the fate of Iraq people is in the hands of the President of United States.

Green Card holders could participate in the election process as volunteers; but no legal rights to vote in any election. So, that will be a valid legal challenge against the system. The candidate will certainly won the case and will demand for re-election in those counties.

Popular Vote - it is a simple process; all understand it. The winner is obvious. Any candidate who has a vote greater than the other candidates is the winner. 

In fact, the systems could interpret the election results based on the popular vote. In November election, the popular vote winner gets the whole 538 Presidential Electors. In December, those 538 Presidential Electors formally vote by ballot and elect the President and the Vice President.

In many countries, they made their King and Queen as dummy without any constitutional authority. Here in United States, the 'rigged' system has made the Presidential Electors as dummies. And also, the 'rigged' system has changed the election process from TWO separate votes into One combined vote and made the Vice President as a dummy.

As per the Constitution, the election is all about electing TWO persons by TWO separate votes for the position of the President and Vice President. Those two persons cannot be from the same state.

To make it simple, instead of the candidates, the states could appoint Presidential Electors. In this modern times, the states could have Robots as their Presidential Electors.

Let California state have 55 Robots as Presidential Electors. Likewise, the entire United States could have 538 Robots as Presidential Electors. Let those Robots vote by ballot and elect the President and Vice President based on Popular Vote. 

Obviously, Popular Vote is against the Constitution. Popular Vote denies the rights of individual states. In Washington times, there were no calculator or computer. Popular Vote was not countable. In this modern times, it is easier to sum up all votes of all states. The Popular Vote cause confusions. It would be better to ban the publication of the Popular Vote count. 

Bernie Sanders

When they go low we go high.

In this whole election season, the common people picked up that quote. Even at work, people started mentioning when you go low, I go high. But the fact is, to go high position in the hierarchy, you need to go low; there is no other way.

In primary elections, to prevent Bernie Sanders, Hillary had to go low. In 2008, to prevent Hillary from breaking the glass ceiling, both Barack and Michelle Obama had to go low. After occupying White House, everyone will like to stay high.

Not just Donald Trump, every citizen keep this election in suspense. Have you observed? At work, there is no water-cooler talk. Nobody makes any casual comment on the debate or any topic. It has never been the case.

Absolutely, no bumper sticker in the car. Nobody reveals their choice. This election result is going to be a shock and surprise to all.

Surprisingly, many people still support Bernie Sanders. They may write Bernie Sanders name in the blank box. That is going to be a challenge to the election process.

The State Secretary has to explain. What will happen, more people write Bernie Sanders name in the box. What will happen, if Bernie Sanders gets more votes than all other candidates? Bernie Sanders have not given any list of Presidential Electors. How will Bernie Sanders get his 55 Presidential Electors from California?

Could Bernie Sanders transfer his votes to Hillary Clinton? Or will those votes go waste?

Likewise, could Gary Johnson and Jill Stein transfer their votes in favor of any candidates?

Right now, the question is, who could certainly stop Donald Trump?

Obviously, as per media reports, Hillary Clinton has the lead; but not certain.

Bernie Sanders certainly could stop Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders could save both establishments. Bernie Sanders could save Democratic Party; Bernie Sanders could save Republican Party; Bernie Sanders could save the traditional and social media.

Bernie Sanders is not only against Donald Trump, but also against any other CEO coming into politics. Let it be Michael Bloomberg or any Silicon Valley CEO, Bernie Sanders is against it.

As a last attempt to save the political legacy and continue the status quo, the establishment could bring Bernie Sanders back, to stop Donald Trump.

As per the Constitution, you could change the candidate any time before the final December election by the 538 presidential electors. So, Bernie Sanders could replace Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton could withdraw from the race on health ground.

Only group against Bernie Sanders will be the Wall Street big banks and other billionaires.

In the whole election, Bernie Sanders did mobilize a huge volunteer force. Two weeks is good enough to bring about the change. Bernie Sanders could certainly stop Donald Trump.

The State Secretary could issue a statement that, all ballot with  vote for Hillary Clinton will be considered as a vote in favor of Bernie Sanders. All Presidential Electors (D) will vote for Bernie Sanders as the President and Tim Kaine cannot be the Vice President. Both President and Vice President cannot be from the same state Vermont. That was the reason Rudy Giuliani could be the Vice President for Donald Trump.

But, why do we have a blank box in the ballot? Could people write any names in there? How will that person gets the 55 Presidential Electors. The whole system is in a state of confusion.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Not High; Not Low; but Real

He Did It!

Look at the headlines of all media!

CNN: "I will keep you in suspense."

FoxNews: "Trump may challenge the result."

ABC: "Trump refuses to say whether he'll accept election results."

The media has to give up Access Hollywood Tape and start discussing this topic.

Hillary Clinton camp did a bad judgement on AHT2005 (Access Hollywood Tape - 2005).

This is HoC era. That is House of Cards era. Any human being of age 30, could learn a lot from HoC. Obviously, Frank Underwood is the best politician in Washington DC. Frank Underwood have used the AHT2005, right after the third debate.

You should let your opponents to go high and higher. Donald Trump would have kept going high and higher in every debate. Then you release the AHT2005, then Donald Trump would have a great fall and get no chance for any recovery.

About Election Result, one person did appreciate Donald Trump on this statement.

That is, Al Gore!

Al Gore did want to challenge the result. Because, presidential election is a state subject.
The Supreme Court cannot interfere in the authority of the state.
State judicial system is responsible to make any verdict on election results.
But other Democrats forced Al Gore to concede to Bush.

Coming to the other topics...

The debate didn't go low; the debate didn't go high; the debate was real.

After this much fight, hand-shaking will be a fake one. Both didn't shake hands.
Being real is the right thing than faking.

Debate is like any sports; soccer, football or any other game.
They are rivals. They are fighting against each other.
Pretending as friends is not possible. It will be faking.

Like games, for future, the moderator could introduce Red Cards, Yellow Cards and Penalty.

Challenging election results push the sex tape back. That is a great plus for Donald Trump.

Debate is all about America.
America didn't go too low; America didn't go too high; America is now real; no more faking.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Integrity of the Election

The post election period will be lot of chaos and confusion.

A winner is the one, who wins in all three fronts.
  • Big margin in Popular Vote
  • Win 26 plus States
  • Win 270 plus Electoral Votes
If you look at the history, Ronald Reagan and Big Bush won in 1984 & 1988. All other elections are not in a big margin. 

In this election, there will be no clear winner. One candidate may lead in Popular Vote. Another candidate may lead in Number of States. The official winner will be the one with 270 plus Electoral Votes. So, naturally, there will be chaos and confusion on November 9 onwards.

This 2016 election is all about Donald Trump. He is the only candidate. People either vote for Donald Trump or vote against Donald Trump. People are not in favor of any other candidates. As people have no choice, all votes against Donald Trump will go to Hillary Clinton.


Ronald Reagan
Walter Mondale
Popular Vote
One Vote per State
Electoral Vote

Right now, Donald Trump has been complaining about rigging. Hillary Clinton may use the same, in case Donald Trump wins.

Who is accountable for the Presidential Election in United States.

The General Election is de-centralized. It is the responsibility of the state governments. Each state governments has a Secretary of State and that person is accountable for the integrity of the Election. In fact, the State Secretary has to respond to Donald Trump's 'rigging' comments.

As the media says, both candidates are not perfect. So, certainly both are not going to accept the results easily. For both, this is the last chance. So they will fight it out all the way.

Both may have already formed a battalion of legal attorneys to challenge every county in the country.


George H.W. Bush
Michael Dukakis
Popular Vote
One Vote per State
Electoral Vote

fraud - a thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

The fraud #1: Deceiving the voters.

We, The People will cast their vote on November 8. They believe that they are voting for or against Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. That's absolutely false.

In California, on November 8, people cast their vote to select the 55 Presidential Electors. In fact in California, 4x55 = 220 candidates are in the field for the 55 position of Presidential Electors.

We, The People don't know the names of those 220 candidates; they will not know the names of those 55 winners of the Presidential Electors on November 9. 


Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
Popular Vote
One Vote per State
Electoral Vote

The fraud #2: Presidential Electors.

Even if Donald Trump wins in November 8 election, GOP will not allow him to become the President of United States.

Nobody knows, who control the Presidential Electors. 

The Presidential Electors cast their vote by ballot in December and elect the President and Vice President. They cast two votes; not a single vote. One separate vote for the President and the other separate vote for the Vice President.

The Presidential Electors are loyal and faithful to their political party. It is against Constitution; but it has been the practice. They will not listen to Donald Trump; they will listen to their party high command.

It is legal and valid. The Presidential Electors could elect Mike Pence as the President and Donald Trump as the Vice President. Donald Trump will have no choice; accept the offer or resign it. 


George W. Bush
Al Gore
Popular Vote
One Vote per State
Electoral Vote

The fraud #3: Faithless Electors.
Only a few states have the faithless electors concept. In many states, they could do anything.

In the December election, The Presidential Electors may cause any kind of damage. They may abstain from voting; they refuse to vote for Donald Trump; they may vote for Hillary Clinton.

The November election result is not the final one. The December election result is the final

November election, Donald Trump may win.
December election, Hillary Clinton may win.

It is also possible; not any of these candidates; not Donald Trump; not Hillary Clinton. The Presidential Electors may elect totally any new persons as the President and Vice President.


In November election, the authority is transferred from We, The People to the 538 Presidential Electors.

In December election, the 538 Presidential Electors will have the authority to elect anyone as the President and anyone as the Vice President.

2016 General Election is the challenge on the Constitution of United States.  
It will highlight the strength of the Constitution and the fraudulent nature of the system.   

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ivanka Trump

Frank Underwood knows how to take advantage of any situations. When Doug Stamper brings any piece of evidence, Frank Underwood evaluates it and suggests the time for its execution and the depth of its execution also. Had Frank Underwood got the tape, he would have released after the third debate and totally and completely denied opportunities to the opponent any platform to make a statement.

Access Hollywood Tape is a very valuable piece of material for Hillary Clinton camp. It was too early to release such a valuable material. Had they released after the third debate, Donald Trump would have a great downfall without any recovery. It would have been fresh in people mind, when they go to polling station. Now, other events may eclipse this episode.

Hillary Clinton camp did stop the expanding base of Donald Trump, with this tape. But if they think that they could win the election with only this piece and push it very hard, then there will be surprises.

For instance, let us see how Ivanka Trump could turn the current events upside down.

Donald Trump evaluates the situation on the field and understands the truth. Now Donald Trump makes an announcement; withdraws from the race; and introduces Ivanka as his replacement.

Surprisingly, many journalists have no idea about the Constitution; no idea about the Federalists Papers; no idea about the Electoral College system.

Ideally, the journalists and the debate moderator ask questions such as,

Have you read and understood the Constitution of United States?
Do you have any misunderstanding on any Sections of the Constitution?
Have you identified any defects in the Constitution?
If you get an authority to make an amendment, what amendment will you make?
What is your favorite Section in the Constitution?
Who is your favorite Founding Father?
Who is your favorite President of United States and why?
Who do you think is the worst President of United States?
Had you been elected in 1930, how would you have handled the Great Depression?
Had you been in Oval office in place of George W. Bush, how would you have handled the situation?
How would you have handled dictators like Saddam Hussain?

We don't know the future challenges and future opportunities. But we need to make sure the President has the leadership qualities to face any challenges and opportunities.

Anderson Cooper missed many good opportunities in the last debate. It is because, Anderson Cooper was prejudiced against Donald Trump. The moderator should be like judges. Listen and act on the statement of those arguing parties.

Donald Trump said, "You'll be in jail!"

That was a wonderful moment. Anderson Cooper, as moderator could have captured that moment and asked Donald Trump to make justification on that statement, based on the Constitution.  When Donald Trump failed to do so, Anderson Cooper should have asked for an apology from Donald Trump on that platform itself. That is what judges do.

Now, let us watch the debate between Ivanka Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Obviously, the first question would be, about the Access Hollywood tape.

Ivanka: Does woman always have the burden to defend men? Let it be dad or brother or boy-friend or husband. They make mistake and do we need to carry the burden. I am not here to defend my dad. He paid the price and lost the wonderful opportunity of his life time.

As Ivanka is in the battlefield now, she needs to hit hard on her opponent Hillary Clinton.

 Hillary did have the burden to support her husband Bill Clinton. Hillary needs to go through the sufferings caused by the actions of her husband. It's time, woman needs to give-up man, if they commit mistakes. We don't need to support them. Let men learn their lessons.

When it comes to who will be the best person to be the executive president of United States, I would like to quote Michelle Obama. In 2008, Michelle Obama said that if Hillary didn't know what was going on in her family; in her house; got surprised with her husband's actions; how could you expect Hillary to manage a country. So, between two of us, I, Ivanka Trump could effectively manage the country and lead the country as the next Executive President of United States.

Then the next question about tax.

Ivanka: What is tax? Why do governments collect tax? Why do people pay tax? Some state governments do not collect tax?

Governments collect tax and invest on its people. In this election, my dad invested his money. Instead of giving to government, we took the responsibility to invest on people directly. Election is an important part of the democracy. So, we invested, not only our wealth, but also our skills and time. We will not let it go waste. We will make sure that American people will get benefitted from our investment.

Many corporations give donations to political leaders and take advantage of tax break. Many corporations give donations to Foundations like Clinton Foundation and take advantage of tax break. We will eliminate them. If you want to give donations to political leaders go ahead and give it from your wealth and not from government tax money. No tax break to any donations even to non-profit organizations.

Let us get into tough questions like, Islamic State.

Ivanka: I will not have a blanket ban on all muslims. I will approach the problems of children of Syria with a heart of a mother and will approach the challenges of Islamic State with a heart of George Washington, the first Commander-in-Chief.

In general, by the age of 50, human commits so many mistakes. Only the young generations commit less mistakes and have clean records.

It doesn't mean that the young have no experience on life issues. In fact, the parents, with their irresponsible actions, cause sufferings in the life of their children. From those sufferings, children do learn a lot.

Almost every family in the United States is a broken one. Ivanka represents the current-day younger generations of United States of America. The parents get into divorce. The children needs to live in broken family. The children almost scared of marriage. In fact, many young men and young women lost interest in sex, because of their parents irresponsible actions.

The children do learn lessons from their parents life and try to build a value in their family life. When daughter introduces her boy-friend to her dad, the dad introduces his girl-friend and potential step-mother to his daughter. In most cases, the step-mother looks like a sister to the first children.

When daughter goes to dad to inform the news that the dad is going to be grand-dad; the dad informs her daughter that the step-mother is pregnant.

So, the younger generation is more responsible than the older generation.

When Hillary goes back to White House, she will create a history; that is not about first woman. It is the first family in history, coming back to White House.

The media says, Bill Clinton is not on the ballot and he already paid his price. But the fact is, when Hillary goes back to White House, she will not go alone. Bill Clinton goes along with them.

Why do we give two chances to the same family.

When I go to White House, it will be a history. I, Ivanka Trump will be the first woman President in the history of United States.

Will your dad go along with you?

No. Not my dad; not my brothers. They will go back to their business.
I, Ivanka Trump and my husband and all my children will go to White House.

We, The People

In general, people have no confidence, no trust in their governments and political system. That's true in all countries. People don't think that the government could bring about a change in people life. So, people carry on with their day to day activities.

Only a section of people, identify themselves as intellectuals have problem with their governments. Intellectuals in China, Iran fight with their government for freedom of expression. Intellectuals in many countries fight against the corruption. Here in United States, the intellectuals fight for every little thing.

The common people have no complaints against their government. The common people try to avoid tax. If the common people get caught in small crime or traffic violations, they try to bribe the officials and try to escape from punishments. The common people try to stay away from their government.

The common people do not look for their government for their food, health and shelter. The common people work hard and earn their wealth and try to live a happy life. The common people don't believe that the government could bring food on their table.

The common people don't care whether the head is a King or a Queen or a President or a Prime Minister. Historically, the common people didn't have any serious complaints against the British Empire. In Canada, they still respect their British King and Queen. Only a section of intellectuals created the revolution for freedom and the common people joined force with them and brought the empire down.

In this modern times, both common people and the government have an understanding that you don't bother us and we don't disturb you. The common people know the fact that it doesn't matter who is the next occupant of the White House.

For common people, all political activities are almost similar to Hollywood entertainment. People do have favorite actor or actress in Hollywood. People do stand in line for the first show.

Like their Hollywood superstar, people do have their favorite person for the President. When the common person stands in front of the voting machine, at that moment, for some emotional reason, cast the vote in favor of her or his choice.

In the current political system, they try to project that there are only two choices. Both are not perfect. You need to choose one.

If a person apply logical reason, Donald Trump gets the vote.
If a person apply emotional reason, Hillary Clinton gets the vote.

When people have their favorite superstar in Hollywood, it is purely emotional. The superstar is not going to change the life of a common person. But still, the common person feels proud and satisfied in saying the name of the superstar.

Likewise, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is not going to bring about any big change in common person life. The common person has to go to her or his day job on Monday morning. But, they cast their vote and elect the President of United States.

Right from ancient times to modern times, when it comes to election, people go with their emotions.

Unless, he creates a bigger problem; not a problem of Hillary Clinton; but a larger problem like  September 11, the one that affects common people, then people will vote for Donald Trump.

If Islamic State could carry out an operation in United States or in any other parts of the world, then Donald Trump will win in a big way. Only the real problem like September 11 could bring the people out from their fantasy world.

Alternatively, if Donald Trump launch the fight against the current political process and system; instead fighting against Hillary, then people would listen.

Destroying the entire political system is a very big challenge. But, Donald Trump has no other option. The establishment had pushed Donald Trump into this corner.

Donald Trump has only two options; one is to quit; other is to destroy the entire system.

The easy option is, Donald Trump could quit and Mike Pence could replace Donald Trump. In that way, the political establishments could be saved for another decade.

Another option is, Ivanka Trump could replace Donald Trump. In that way, the political establishments could be saved for another century.

The hard and the most difficult one is, destroy the entire system; disband all political parties; and establish a process based on the Constitution of United States.  In this one, Donald Trump will win; above all, the Constitution of United States would get a healthy life.

For Donald Trump, the fight is no longer with Hillary, it is against the political system of United States of America.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Your Future

This, 2016 Presidential Election is not about my past; it is about your future; future of the country.

I cannot fix my past. I never hurt anyone; in my words; or in my action. By mistake, had I ever hurt anyone, I sincerely apologize. If you still feel that you deserve justice, please go ahead and sue me in a court of law. If you would like to have a settlement out of court, contact my office.

With that statement, the chapter on my past is closed. In the last two years, I have opened a new chapter in my life as a political leader. When an individual makes a mistake, it hurts only a few. When a political leader makes a mistake, it hurts the entire nation. As a political leader, I haven't made any mistakes yet. My records are clean.

Whether it is the President Barack Obama; or it is First Lady Michelle Obama; or CNN, they couldn't lift Hillary up. Instead, they try to bring me down.

The President Barack Obama didn't say that, he missed the service of Hillary Clinton very much. He couldn't say that after Hillary left as the Secretary of State, the world is in greater mess. Alternatively, the President Barack Obama may say that it took four years for John Kerry to clean up the mess Hillary had created.

Had Bernie Sanders been the candidate, all democrats would have been comfortable. Bernie's political records are very clean. It would have been much easier for the President and for the First Lady to lift Bernie up. In that case, there was no need to bring the opponent down with his private life. I know, Bernie rely on his strength rather than others weakness.

Bernie and I would have had debate on policy; not on private life.

If you look at the political records of the candidates, my records are clean. That is what matters in this election. That is what matters in your life.

I don't believe that I am making this statement. I never had any intention to destroy the establishments. But, in the last few weeks, both political establishments were all out to destroy me. I owe nothing to the Republican party; and I owe nothing to the Democratic party.

When I entered into the political arena, I had no idea about the system and the process. Now, over two years, I learned a lot about the system; not only the system, but also the constitution.

Now, I can confidently tell you that the system is totally and completely wrong and it is against the constitution. The constitution offers equal opportunity to all citizens. But the system denies opportunity. Many wonderful human beings have been victims of the system.

The most recent and the latest victim is, Bernie Sanders. The constitution provides opportunity to Bernie Sanders to participate in the election. But the system denied the opportunity to Bernie Sanders and prevented him from participating the election.

Even, Hillary Clinton is the victim. How could the system deny an opportunity to Hillary in 2008? It doesn't matter whether Hillary win or not, no establishment has any authority to deny the opportunity to Hillary.

If I am elected, I am going to disband both political parties. Russia needs Communist Party. China needs Communist Party. Great Britain needs all kinds of political parties. But USA is democracy of, for and by the people. It is no longer for, of and by Republicans or Democrats.

I will go word by word with the Constitution. I will refer to the Federalist Papers. I will fulfill the wishes of George Washington. Let the history be, Abraham Lincoln started the Republican party and Donald Trump shut down both Republican and Democratic party.

There will be no more labels of D and R. All senators are free and independent as Bernie Sanders. I am not going to be the Republican President. I will be the president for ALL citizens of America.

I went through the entire primary process. Let me be the last person to go through that sufferings. There will be no more primaries for any position.

When a citizen register for vote, there will be no more question like whether you're Republican or Democrat.

Let the senators work with total freedom and independence. Let the house of representatives work with total freedom and independence. Let there be only three branches. No need for pre-established bodies like political establishments; no need for Commission for Presidential Debates.

That's my promise and that is how we are going to build the future of our nations.

Let us close the chapter of my past; it is irrelevant. Let us open a fresh new chapter of quality political life in United States of America

Friday, October 14, 2016

Final Battle

Even House of Cards, VEEP couldn't imagine a story line that could bring down a party-nominated candidate with the subject of sex. Frank Underwood failed to realize the power of sex. Frank Underwood brought down the President Garrett Walker with a Chinese business connection. Frank Underwood finished the senator with his drug addiction. Frank Underwood threatened his Secretary of State with murder to yield to Claire Underwood. But, Frank Underwood never used sex to bring down anybody.

There are only two kinds of men. Men who got the opportunity and men who didn't get opportunities. But, sex is a very powerful subject. When it comes to sex, people apply very high standard on others; but not on self.  

CNN is not interviewing Bob Dylan. If you watch CNN now, it resembles more like a pornography channel. The content is rated 'R' It is CNN responsibility to make sure America gets a president with high-moral value character.

It is a final battle for the whole political establishments of United States. Political establishments survival is at stake. Definitely, they will fight for their survival.

  • Republican Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Commission on Presidential Debates
  • Traditional Media
Donald Trump disrupts all of the above and replaces them with:
  • Constitution of United States
  • We, The People
  • Social Media

For a time being, people forget all their real-life issues and start relaxing with listening to the sex stories of various victims. It is so sad to realize the fact that all these victims couldn't seek help from the United States Judicial Branch. Now, they are selling their stories in CNN at the right time for a higher price. Don't they want justice? Don't they want to put Donald Trump in jail?

What is the law of this land? Do victims go to police station and make a complaint? That is what people do in developing countries. Victims demand justice. Here in United States, everything is market economy. Victims sell their stories in CNN. If Donald Trump wins, CNN will go bankrupt.

The country faces real-life issues. But people are addicted to their prime television channel and have to listen to their propaganda. In general, propaganda promotes a candidate. In some cases, propaganda is used to finish a candidate. The fact is propaganda is a form of violence.

Here is the list of few real-life issues:

  • Flint Water Crisis
  • Student Loan
  • Islamic State challenge
  • Drug Cartel challenge
  • North Korea challenge
  • Russia, Iran challenge
  • China and other country economic challenge
  • Healthcare
  • Unemployment
As a citizen; forget about being presidential candidate; what is his rights.

What are the fundamental rights of Donald Trump?
Is Donald Trump guilty?
If Donald Trump is guilty, then what are the punishments?

Or, Is Donald Trump innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law?

Who could protect Donald Trump's fundamental rights?

Could Donald Trump seek for stay in a court of law for temporary ban on broadcasting any sex stories in CNN?

What do we teach to the younger generation? If you're a sex victim, go to CNN?

If CNN could successfully defeat Donald Trump with their propaganda power, then who would save the lives of people from any terror attack?

Donald Trump life is a open book. Donald Trump never try to hide anything from anyone.
Even now, Donald Trump didn't lie. Had it been any other country, they would have handled the tape issue in a different way. Here are a few ways:

Never accept it; deny it totally and completely.
In one of their meeting, they would have organized a show.
In the loud speaker, they broadcast the exact conversation.
At that time, they will make the leader walk into the stage;
in this case, Donald Trump walks into the stage.

The leader also enjoys the conversation.
Then slowly they focus on the box area, two mimicry artists are performing the conversation.
With that they try to convey that, don't believe such false propaganda.

Lying is not an easy thing to do. Lying is an art. In general, politicians master the art of lying.
Donald Trump never made any attempt to learn that art.

It is a challenge for both, Donald Trump and Political Factions.
Only people could decide whether to try something new or continue with the same old tradition.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Donald Trump withdraws

Donald Trump withdraws in favor of Ivanka.

On October 19, 2016, Wednesday, evening 6 pacific, the entire America will be eagerly watching the last and the final debate in University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will come into the hall. As usual, they don't shake hands.

Moderator, Chris Wallace is about to start the debate. Donald Trump interrupts Chris Wallace.

Chris Wallace said, "Mr. Trump, have you already started interrupting the moderator."

"No, Chris. I need to make an announcement."

Hillary is looking at Donald Trump.

Donald Trump starts talking.

Friends and Fellow Citizens,

The period for a new election of a citizen to administer the executive government of the United States being not far distant, and the time actually arrived when your thoughts must be employed in designating the person who is to be clothed with that important trust, it appears to me proper, especially as it may conduce to a more distinct expression of the public voice, that I should now apprise you of the resolution I have formed, to decline being considered among the number of those out of whom a choice is to be made. 

I borrowed that message from George Washington.

Yes. I have formed the resolution, to decline being the presidential candidate.

Yes. I withdraw myself from the race.

Just before coming to this debate, I had a discussion with RNC Chairman and Mike Pence. Both agreed to my decision and they suggested that let Ivanka be the replacement.

Here we make history. Two woman as the presidential candidate.

I do respect woman. 

With Ivanka and Hillary on the debate, the topic of discussions will be different.

Thank You.

Chris Wallace is totally confused. Chris asked, "Mr. Trump, it is not possible to change the candidates at this point of time."

Donald Trump said, "As per the Constitution, the President and Vice-President are elected by vote by the Presidential Electors in December only. So, anyone could be the candidate, till December."

Chris Wallace invites Ivanka.

Ivanka greets Donald Trump, Hillary, Chris Wallace and the people.

The debate starts between Ivanka and Hillary.

In November, people cast their vote for the Presidential Electors of Ivanka and Hillary.

As per Constitution, Donald Trump could transfer his electoral votes to Ivanka; who knows?

It may be a short term arrangement. In December, Ivanka could transfer her electoral votes back Donald Trump. 

Somehow, Donald Trump could change the topic of discussion from the tapes to two woman candidates. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Farewell to Republicans and Democrats

George Washington's Farewell Address
Friends and Fellow-Citizens: 

The period for a new election of a citizen to administer the executive government of the United States being not far distant, and the time actually arrived when your thoughts must be employed in designating the person who is to be clothed with that important trust, it appears to me proper, especially as it may conduce to a more distinct expression of the public voice, that I should now apprise you of the resolution I have formed, to decline being considered among the number of those out of whom a choice is to be made. 
I have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the state...

Let me now take a more comprehensive view and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party, generally. 
In particular, the baneful effects of 
Republican and Democratic 
parties of 2016. 

The domination of one faction over another 
in 2016, the factions are, Republican and Democratic...
The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of persons to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation on the ruins of public liberty.
 Till now, the factions of Divided States of America, had effectively managed to keep any outsiders from entering into it. In 2016, somehow, Donald Trump got into one of the factions of Divided States of America and now wiping out both factions of Divided States of America.

By eliminating both factions, Donald Trump is now fulfilling the wishes of the Founding Fathers. That is the command from George Washington. When both factions are gone, America will be United again. 

the common and continual mischiefs of 
the spirit of party are sufficient to make it 
the interest and the duty of a wise people 
to discourage and restrain it.
 Donald Trump had never understood the challenge of eliminating the political factions from United States of America.  Ross Perot did make an attempt; several other wise people did try it. But, they couldn't fulfill the command of George Washington. But, Donald Trump did it.

The factions of United States of America; Republican and Democrats...

It agitates the community with ill founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection.

Here, in 2016, both factions are now united against 
the Destroyer of Factions, Donald Trump.
There is an opinion that parties in free countries are useful checks upon the administration of the government and serve to keep alive the spirit of liberty. 

This within certain limits is probably true— and in governments of a monarchical cast patriotism may look with indulgence, if not with favor, upon the spirit of party. 

But in those of the popular character, in governments purely elective, it is a spirit not to be encouraged.
The factions not to be encouraged...that was two centuries ago. 
Then, George Washington was gentle.

Now, George Washington says, destroy the factions of America; right now.
Soon, George Washington will rest in peace; till then, at war with both factions.

Anderson Cooper

There is a difference between Traditional Media and Social Media.

In Social Media, nobody owns the content; and nobody is responsible for the content. In Traditional Media, the media persons own the content and they are responsible for the content.

In Social Media, the content exists in doubt. When the Traditional Media takes the content, then the content becomes truth; and it exists forever as part of history.

So, the Traditional Media still has its value and it does have a responsibility. Traditional Media does not refer to any institutions or corporations. It refers to those individuals; not because these individuals are eloquent and charismatic; but because of their character of integrity.

Anderson, what is democracy?

Is democracy all about freedom of expression and freedom of speech?

Does freedom of expression refers to - anyone could speak or write or express anything they want as long as it fits into legal category?

Or, does freedom of expression comes with responsibility?

It did happen in an university dormitory. Two persons were sharing a room. One person was gay. That person had his private moment with his partner. The roommate secretly video captured this action and made it public for the entire school. The gay roommate committed suicide. The video captured person is in jail.

The person who did secretly capture the video would never have imagined that his roommate would commit suicide. That was not his intention. He failed to realize the depth of hurt, his action may cause in his roommate. Had his roommate not committed suicide and ignored the video, both would be living.

Had it not been United States of America, had it not been Donald Trump; the outcome of your action is unpredictable. Had it been in any other part of the world, the whole family would have committed suicide.  In some cases, they may try to take advantage of the situation. The family may pick a person and that person needs to sacrifice his or her life.

All content are not the same. Some content are sensitive to legal system; some content are sensitive to religion; some content are sensitive to the society; some content are sensitive to the nation.

Anderson, the way you handled this content is very amateur way; not in a professional way.

Ideally, when Donald Trump came into the debate hall, he could have asked for time to speak to the people directly. Donald Trump pretended as if nothing happened and business as usual.

Alternatively, Anderson, you could have offered an opportunity. "Mr. Trump, take your time and talk to American people."

Instead, you went on with the entire conversation of that video. When those words came out of your mouth; in the 2016 debate; it was registered as part of history of the great nation. The content is no longer in doubt; it is now truth.

Anderson, if you had understood the sensitive nature of the content; if you had handled the content in a responsible manner, the damage would have been minimum. Now, it is gone out of your hand.

When Donald Trump wins the election; when the President of United States of America, Donald Trump visits international events such as, Climate Control in Paris, the words that came out of your mouth will be on display and that is how the rest of the world would welcome the next President of United States.

Whatever the damage, Anderson you caused on Donald Trump will be the permanent damage on your nation, if Donald Trump is elected as the President.

Anderson, how could you ask, that question?

When Donald Trump was talking, you did ask, "Did you do that?"

That is, for a second, at that moment, Anderson, you were Media Nazi.

Anderson, you know, Donald Trump has family; he has ten year old kid. For a second, do you think about that kid. How could that kid face his friends in school?

Even in Saudi Arabia, if someone commits a crime, they bring that person to the street.

Here in United States, two friends had a casual, private conversation. Both did enjoy that conversation. Both didn't hurt anybody in that conversation. There is no victim.

But, Anderson, your action was worse than Saudi Arabia scene. You brought Donald Trump literally to the street.

In Saudi Arabia, the physical hurt is visible; you could see the wound; you could see the blood flowing out from the body; you could see the death of a person.

In the debate, Anderson - all your actions were non-violent; but the psychological hurt is beyond any measurement or description.

Anderson, why do you hate Donald Trump so much? Did Donald Trump cause any damage to you and your organization? You were all out to take revenge on Donald Trump.

Your question on tax; did you take advantage of your multibillion loss; that is very immature.

If a person doesn't take advantage of his loss is a bad business man.

Anderson, you don't feel comfortable imagining Donald Trump as the President, then you jump into the race.

At least, be truthful to the people of United States. Tell people that, they are not voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Citizens cast their vote and elect the Presidential Electors only.

Anderson, tell the truth. Not telling the truth is also dishonesty.

Summary: Freedom comes with lot of responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is chaos.

No human is born as bad person; all human doesn't need to die as bad persons.

Historically, if you look at the life of many saints, they were the worst criminals in their early life.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Impeach Donald Trump

Could the traditional media impeach Donald Trump?

Could the GOP impeach Donald Trump?

Could CNN tell the Republican Party that Donald Trump is banned from the presidential candidate debate and could GOP send Mike Pence instead?

What is the qualification to be a candidate for the post?

What does the Constitution say about the basic qualification?

Does the candidate need to have high moral value?
Does his past life matter?

If you record with a secret microphone every human conversation, then you would see the real character of each and every individual.

When Winston Churchill was in the restroom with the Prime Minister Clement Attlee.

One day shortly after the Second World War ended, Winston Churchill and the newly elected Labour Party Prime Minister Clement Attlee encountered one another at the urinals in the House of Commons men’s washroom. Attlee had arrived first, and was standing at one of the stalls closest to the door.

Although Attlee was the only other man in the room, Churchill entered and walked to the farthest urinal — ten or twelve stalls away from Attlee.

With a smug grin, Attlee said, “Feeling standoffish today, are we, Winston?”

Churchill replied: “That’s right. Every time you see something this big, you want to nationalize it.”
Human do crack jokes in private conversation. If you capture private conversation and make it public then all human beings would start faking; no one would talk from their heart. The whole world would become serious and boring; very boring.

Had Donald Trump have a plan to become the presidential candidate, then he would have started way back building an image. He never had such a plan. By accident, he became the candidate.

The media should not have taken this tape now; a decade old conversation, media should have acted with responsibility. 

This tape is a very good piece, had it been used effectively. Now it is a waste.
Had this tape been released after the November 8; after the election; perhaps, in the December election, GOP could have instructed all their Electors to vote by ballot Mike Pence as the President and Donald Trump as the Vice President.

GOP has authority over the elected Presidential Electors. It will not be considered as "Faithless Electors." It goes well with the Constitution. 

Now, this tape is a waste; it may trend for few days in Twitter and will get vanished.
CNN uncovered a conversation between Donald Trump and famous radio host.  That is his way of talking. No faking; real human talk.

If CNN is all about moral value, then they should ban Donald Trump from the debate. Could CNN ban? No. CNN is interested in bringing in Donald Trump and ask embarrassing questions.
Every citizen knows about Donald Trump previous life. His business is all about Casino and big hotels. There is no secret about it. But the fact is, Donald Trump is challenging the political establishment. That is the truth.

Do you think any high-moral value citizen could challenge the Washington? 
Do you think any body else could challenge the Frank Underwood kind of politicians?

Why didn't the media and other high-moral value politician raise their voice against House of Cards? In Congress, all high moral value Senators should have demanded for a ban on House of Cards.

House of Cards is the reflection on the Washington and it goes around the world.

Had it been any other country, they would have censored and banned the House of Cards.
Hillary will not raise this tape issue against Donald Trump.
Not because of Bill Clinton, but Hillary prefers Donald Trump to any other candidate.

They did raise Donald Trump tax issue. But it didn't yield the expected results.
Had Donald Trump not filed his tax return, that would have been an offense.   

In the last two years, Donald Trump did behave his best as a political leader.
Whatever may be his past, his recent two years, no complaints.
Ideally, they could have released this tape in February or March.
It would have been easy to impeach a President than a candidate.
As far as America is concerned, sex is not considered as a moral quality.
In other region, no sex may be considered as a high moral quality. 
Here in United States, beer, food and sex; more or less of same value.

There is no strict rule as: one man to one woman; no sex before marriage; virgin.

Then, why this is so important for the candidate. What is so bad about having a casual, friendly conversation in private with his friends.
Is United States becoming like other nations. People all around the world interested in watching the academy award and other Hollywood shows, mainly because of its glamour value. If every celebrity starts wearing dresses like Maria of Sound of Music, then nobody will watch any Hollywood show.

Every big city has nude show. Internet is full of pornographic materials. In some of the Silicon Valley company, on the first day, you need to sign a document that you don't have any objection to pornographic material that may show up as part of your job.
Had it been Frank Underwood, he would have destroyed all his past life before making an announcement of his entering into the race.

This tape is a blessing in disguise for Donald Trump. Somehow, Donald Trump tries to work with Republicans. Now, Donald Trump could see the true color of his fellow Republicans. Everyone is just waiting for his fall. This was their last chance to close the chapter of Donald Trump. But, Donald Trump single-handedly brought down the entire establishment. Now the gap is widened. Donald Trump is not going to work with any Republicans in future.
GOP has to send a notification to the Commission on Presidential Debates that the Republican party withdraws Donald Trump nomination; instead appoints Mike Pence as its presidential candidate. Then the debate will be between Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence.

If GOP miss the opportunity, thats it. The entire debate cannot be on moral values. The debate needs to cover Islamic State, Healthcare, Student Loan, Cyber Threat and Economy. This tape will go waste and Donald Trump would emerge stronger and more cleaner in his image.

Still, the Constitution of United States is good. Stop your traditional process; just adopt the Constitution. Let the election be two phase election. Withdraw all candidates. Let people elect the Electors in November. In December, let the electors elect by ballot the President and the Vice President. That is the only way; it is Alexander Hamilton way.

Alexander Hamilton way is the only way could stop Donald Trump from becoming the President of United States. All these wrong interpretation and practice could not stop Donald Trump.

In fact, the Constitution of United States is in crisis.