Saturday, October 8, 2016

Impeach Donald Trump

Could the traditional media impeach Donald Trump?

Could the GOP impeach Donald Trump?

Could CNN tell the Republican Party that Donald Trump is banned from the presidential candidate debate and could GOP send Mike Pence instead?

What is the qualification to be a candidate for the post?

What does the Constitution say about the basic qualification?

Does the candidate need to have high moral value?
Does his past life matter?

If you record with a secret microphone every human conversation, then you would see the real character of each and every individual.

When Winston Churchill was in the restroom with the Prime Minister Clement Attlee.

One day shortly after the Second World War ended, Winston Churchill and the newly elected Labour Party Prime Minister Clement Attlee encountered one another at the urinals in the House of Commons men’s washroom. Attlee had arrived first, and was standing at one of the stalls closest to the door.

Although Attlee was the only other man in the room, Churchill entered and walked to the farthest urinal — ten or twelve stalls away from Attlee.

With a smug grin, Attlee said, “Feeling standoffish today, are we, Winston?”

Churchill replied: “That’s right. Every time you see something this big, you want to nationalize it.”
Human do crack jokes in private conversation. If you capture private conversation and make it public then all human beings would start faking; no one would talk from their heart. The whole world would become serious and boring; very boring.

Had Donald Trump have a plan to become the presidential candidate, then he would have started way back building an image. He never had such a plan. By accident, he became the candidate.

The media should not have taken this tape now; a decade old conversation, media should have acted with responsibility. 

This tape is a very good piece, had it been used effectively. Now it is a waste.
Had this tape been released after the November 8; after the election; perhaps, in the December election, GOP could have instructed all their Electors to vote by ballot Mike Pence as the President and Donald Trump as the Vice President.

GOP has authority over the elected Presidential Electors. It will not be considered as "Faithless Electors." It goes well with the Constitution. 

Now, this tape is a waste; it may trend for few days in Twitter and will get vanished.
CNN uncovered a conversation between Donald Trump and famous radio host.  That is his way of talking. No faking; real human talk.

If CNN is all about moral value, then they should ban Donald Trump from the debate. Could CNN ban? No. CNN is interested in bringing in Donald Trump and ask embarrassing questions.
Every citizen knows about Donald Trump previous life. His business is all about Casino and big hotels. There is no secret about it. But the fact is, Donald Trump is challenging the political establishment. That is the truth.

Do you think any high-moral value citizen could challenge the Washington? 
Do you think any body else could challenge the Frank Underwood kind of politicians?

Why didn't the media and other high-moral value politician raise their voice against House of Cards? In Congress, all high moral value Senators should have demanded for a ban on House of Cards.

House of Cards is the reflection on the Washington and it goes around the world.

Had it been any other country, they would have censored and banned the House of Cards.
Hillary will not raise this tape issue against Donald Trump.
Not because of Bill Clinton, but Hillary prefers Donald Trump to any other candidate.

They did raise Donald Trump tax issue. But it didn't yield the expected results.
Had Donald Trump not filed his tax return, that would have been an offense.   

In the last two years, Donald Trump did behave his best as a political leader.
Whatever may be his past, his recent two years, no complaints.
Ideally, they could have released this tape in February or March.
It would have been easy to impeach a President than a candidate.
As far as America is concerned, sex is not considered as a moral quality.
In other region, no sex may be considered as a high moral quality. 
Here in United States, beer, food and sex; more or less of same value.

There is no strict rule as: one man to one woman; no sex before marriage; virgin.

Then, why this is so important for the candidate. What is so bad about having a casual, friendly conversation in private with his friends.
Is United States becoming like other nations. People all around the world interested in watching the academy award and other Hollywood shows, mainly because of its glamour value. If every celebrity starts wearing dresses like Maria of Sound of Music, then nobody will watch any Hollywood show.

Every big city has nude show. Internet is full of pornographic materials. In some of the Silicon Valley company, on the first day, you need to sign a document that you don't have any objection to pornographic material that may show up as part of your job.
Had it been Frank Underwood, he would have destroyed all his past life before making an announcement of his entering into the race.

This tape is a blessing in disguise for Donald Trump. Somehow, Donald Trump tries to work with Republicans. Now, Donald Trump could see the true color of his fellow Republicans. Everyone is just waiting for his fall. This was their last chance to close the chapter of Donald Trump. But, Donald Trump single-handedly brought down the entire establishment. Now the gap is widened. Donald Trump is not going to work with any Republicans in future.
GOP has to send a notification to the Commission on Presidential Debates that the Republican party withdraws Donald Trump nomination; instead appoints Mike Pence as its presidential candidate. Then the debate will be between Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence.

If GOP miss the opportunity, thats it. The entire debate cannot be on moral values. The debate needs to cover Islamic State, Healthcare, Student Loan, Cyber Threat and Economy. This tape will go waste and Donald Trump would emerge stronger and more cleaner in his image.

Still, the Constitution of United States is good. Stop your traditional process; just adopt the Constitution. Let the election be two phase election. Withdraw all candidates. Let people elect the Electors in November. In December, let the electors elect by ballot the President and the Vice President. That is the only way; it is Alexander Hamilton way.

Alexander Hamilton way is the only way could stop Donald Trump from becoming the President of United States. All these wrong interpretation and practice could not stop Donald Trump.

In fact, the Constitution of United States is in crisis.

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