Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ivanka Trump

Frank Underwood knows how to take advantage of any situations. When Doug Stamper brings any piece of evidence, Frank Underwood evaluates it and suggests the time for its execution and the depth of its execution also. Had Frank Underwood got the tape, he would have released after the third debate and totally and completely denied opportunities to the opponent any platform to make a statement.

Access Hollywood Tape is a very valuable piece of material for Hillary Clinton camp. It was too early to release such a valuable material. Had they released after the third debate, Donald Trump would have a great downfall without any recovery. It would have been fresh in people mind, when they go to polling station. Now, other events may eclipse this episode.

Hillary Clinton camp did stop the expanding base of Donald Trump, with this tape. But if they think that they could win the election with only this piece and push it very hard, then there will be surprises.

For instance, let us see how Ivanka Trump could turn the current events upside down.

Donald Trump evaluates the situation on the field and understands the truth. Now Donald Trump makes an announcement; withdraws from the race; and introduces Ivanka as his replacement.

Surprisingly, many journalists have no idea about the Constitution; no idea about the Federalists Papers; no idea about the Electoral College system.

Ideally, the journalists and the debate moderator ask questions such as,

Have you read and understood the Constitution of United States?
Do you have any misunderstanding on any Sections of the Constitution?
Have you identified any defects in the Constitution?
If you get an authority to make an amendment, what amendment will you make?
What is your favorite Section in the Constitution?
Who is your favorite Founding Father?
Who is your favorite President of United States and why?
Who do you think is the worst President of United States?
Had you been elected in 1930, how would you have handled the Great Depression?
Had you been in Oval office in place of George W. Bush, how would you have handled the situation?
How would you have handled dictators like Saddam Hussain?

We don't know the future challenges and future opportunities. But we need to make sure the President has the leadership qualities to face any challenges and opportunities.

Anderson Cooper missed many good opportunities in the last debate. It is because, Anderson Cooper was prejudiced against Donald Trump. The moderator should be like judges. Listen and act on the statement of those arguing parties.

Donald Trump said, "You'll be in jail!"

That was a wonderful moment. Anderson Cooper, as moderator could have captured that moment and asked Donald Trump to make justification on that statement, based on the Constitution.  When Donald Trump failed to do so, Anderson Cooper should have asked for an apology from Donald Trump on that platform itself. That is what judges do.

Now, let us watch the debate between Ivanka Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Obviously, the first question would be, about the Access Hollywood tape.

Ivanka: Does woman always have the burden to defend men? Let it be dad or brother or boy-friend or husband. They make mistake and do we need to carry the burden. I am not here to defend my dad. He paid the price and lost the wonderful opportunity of his life time.

As Ivanka is in the battlefield now, she needs to hit hard on her opponent Hillary Clinton.

 Hillary did have the burden to support her husband Bill Clinton. Hillary needs to go through the sufferings caused by the actions of her husband. It's time, woman needs to give-up man, if they commit mistakes. We don't need to support them. Let men learn their lessons.

When it comes to who will be the best person to be the executive president of United States, I would like to quote Michelle Obama. In 2008, Michelle Obama said that if Hillary didn't know what was going on in her family; in her house; got surprised with her husband's actions; how could you expect Hillary to manage a country. So, between two of us, I, Ivanka Trump could effectively manage the country and lead the country as the next Executive President of United States.

Then the next question about tax.

Ivanka: What is tax? Why do governments collect tax? Why do people pay tax? Some state governments do not collect tax?

Governments collect tax and invest on its people. In this election, my dad invested his money. Instead of giving to government, we took the responsibility to invest on people directly. Election is an important part of the democracy. So, we invested, not only our wealth, but also our skills and time. We will not let it go waste. We will make sure that American people will get benefitted from our investment.

Many corporations give donations to political leaders and take advantage of tax break. Many corporations give donations to Foundations like Clinton Foundation and take advantage of tax break. We will eliminate them. If you want to give donations to political leaders go ahead and give it from your wealth and not from government tax money. No tax break to any donations even to non-profit organizations.

Let us get into tough questions like, Islamic State.

Ivanka: I will not have a blanket ban on all muslims. I will approach the problems of children of Syria with a heart of a mother and will approach the challenges of Islamic State with a heart of George Washington, the first Commander-in-Chief.

In general, by the age of 50, human commits so many mistakes. Only the young generations commit less mistakes and have clean records.

It doesn't mean that the young have no experience on life issues. In fact, the parents, with their irresponsible actions, cause sufferings in the life of their children. From those sufferings, children do learn a lot.

Almost every family in the United States is a broken one. Ivanka represents the current-day younger generations of United States of America. The parents get into divorce. The children needs to live in broken family. The children almost scared of marriage. In fact, many young men and young women lost interest in sex, because of their parents irresponsible actions.

The children do learn lessons from their parents life and try to build a value in their family life. When daughter introduces her boy-friend to her dad, the dad introduces his girl-friend and potential step-mother to his daughter. In most cases, the step-mother looks like a sister to the first children.

When daughter goes to dad to inform the news that the dad is going to be grand-dad; the dad informs her daughter that the step-mother is pregnant.

So, the younger generation is more responsible than the older generation.

When Hillary goes back to White House, she will create a history; that is not about first woman. It is the first family in history, coming back to White House.

The media says, Bill Clinton is not on the ballot and he already paid his price. But the fact is, when Hillary goes back to White House, she will not go alone. Bill Clinton goes along with them.

Why do we give two chances to the same family.

When I go to White House, it will be a history. I, Ivanka Trump will be the first woman President in the history of United States.

Will your dad go along with you?

No. Not my dad; not my brothers. They will go back to their business.
I, Ivanka Trump and my husband and all my children will go to White House.

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