Saturday, October 15, 2016

Your Future

This, 2016 Presidential Election is not about my past; it is about your future; future of the country.

I cannot fix my past. I never hurt anyone; in my words; or in my action. By mistake, had I ever hurt anyone, I sincerely apologize. If you still feel that you deserve justice, please go ahead and sue me in a court of law. If you would like to have a settlement out of court, contact my office.

With that statement, the chapter on my past is closed. In the last two years, I have opened a new chapter in my life as a political leader. When an individual makes a mistake, it hurts only a few. When a political leader makes a mistake, it hurts the entire nation. As a political leader, I haven't made any mistakes yet. My records are clean.

Whether it is the President Barack Obama; or it is First Lady Michelle Obama; or CNN, they couldn't lift Hillary up. Instead, they try to bring me down.

The President Barack Obama didn't say that, he missed the service of Hillary Clinton very much. He couldn't say that after Hillary left as the Secretary of State, the world is in greater mess. Alternatively, the President Barack Obama may say that it took four years for John Kerry to clean up the mess Hillary had created.

Had Bernie Sanders been the candidate, all democrats would have been comfortable. Bernie's political records are very clean. It would have been much easier for the President and for the First Lady to lift Bernie up. In that case, there was no need to bring the opponent down with his private life. I know, Bernie rely on his strength rather than others weakness.

Bernie and I would have had debate on policy; not on private life.

If you look at the political records of the candidates, my records are clean. That is what matters in this election. That is what matters in your life.

I don't believe that I am making this statement. I never had any intention to destroy the establishments. But, in the last few weeks, both political establishments were all out to destroy me. I owe nothing to the Republican party; and I owe nothing to the Democratic party.

When I entered into the political arena, I had no idea about the system and the process. Now, over two years, I learned a lot about the system; not only the system, but also the constitution.

Now, I can confidently tell you that the system is totally and completely wrong and it is against the constitution. The constitution offers equal opportunity to all citizens. But the system denies opportunity. Many wonderful human beings have been victims of the system.

The most recent and the latest victim is, Bernie Sanders. The constitution provides opportunity to Bernie Sanders to participate in the election. But the system denied the opportunity to Bernie Sanders and prevented him from participating the election.

Even, Hillary Clinton is the victim. How could the system deny an opportunity to Hillary in 2008? It doesn't matter whether Hillary win or not, no establishment has any authority to deny the opportunity to Hillary.

If I am elected, I am going to disband both political parties. Russia needs Communist Party. China needs Communist Party. Great Britain needs all kinds of political parties. But USA is democracy of, for and by the people. It is no longer for, of and by Republicans or Democrats.

I will go word by word with the Constitution. I will refer to the Federalist Papers. I will fulfill the wishes of George Washington. Let the history be, Abraham Lincoln started the Republican party and Donald Trump shut down both Republican and Democratic party.

There will be no more labels of D and R. All senators are free and independent as Bernie Sanders. I am not going to be the Republican President. I will be the president for ALL citizens of America.

I went through the entire primary process. Let me be the last person to go through that sufferings. There will be no more primaries for any position.

When a citizen register for vote, there will be no more question like whether you're Republican or Democrat.

Let the senators work with total freedom and independence. Let the house of representatives work with total freedom and independence. Let there be only three branches. No need for pre-established bodies like political establishments; no need for Commission for Presidential Debates.

That's my promise and that is how we are going to build the future of our nations.

Let us close the chapter of my past; it is irrelevant. Let us open a fresh new chapter of quality political life in United States of America

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