Sunday, October 23, 2016

Popular Vote

1960 Presidential Election.

  • candidates:       John F. Kennedy vs Richard Nixon
  • popular vote:        34,220,984            34,108,157
  • states won:            22                           26
  • electoral vote:       303                         219

If this will be the case in this election, Donald Trump will challenge the result.

There could be two kinds of challenge:

  • challenge the election process
  • challenge the interpretation
Challenge the election process means that the candidate will challenge the validity of the registered voters. This challenge will be at the county level. Where ever there is a narrow margin, the candidate will challenge those counties. They may raise doubts over the eligibility of the registered voters. They may say that many dead people voted in this election; many non-citizens are registered and voted in this election.

Non-citizens like illegal immigrants and legal permanent residents, the Green Card holders - they may have valid Social Security Number; they may pay taxes; but they have no voting rights.

In fact, that is taxation without representation. The law should not discriminate against any residents of United States. In fact, in 2000, people of Iraq demanded for voting rights in United States. Their reason was the fate of Iraq people is in the hands of the President of United States.

Green Card holders could participate in the election process as volunteers; but no legal rights to vote in any election. So, that will be a valid legal challenge against the system. The candidate will certainly won the case and will demand for re-election in those counties.

Popular Vote - it is a simple process; all understand it. The winner is obvious. Any candidate who has a vote greater than the other candidates is the winner. 

In fact, the systems could interpret the election results based on the popular vote. In November election, the popular vote winner gets the whole 538 Presidential Electors. In December, those 538 Presidential Electors formally vote by ballot and elect the President and the Vice President.

In many countries, they made their King and Queen as dummy without any constitutional authority. Here in United States, the 'rigged' system has made the Presidential Electors as dummies. And also, the 'rigged' system has changed the election process from TWO separate votes into One combined vote and made the Vice President as a dummy.

As per the Constitution, the election is all about electing TWO persons by TWO separate votes for the position of the President and Vice President. Those two persons cannot be from the same state.

To make it simple, instead of the candidates, the states could appoint Presidential Electors. In this modern times, the states could have Robots as their Presidential Electors.

Let California state have 55 Robots as Presidential Electors. Likewise, the entire United States could have 538 Robots as Presidential Electors. Let those Robots vote by ballot and elect the President and Vice President based on Popular Vote. 

Obviously, Popular Vote is against the Constitution. Popular Vote denies the rights of individual states. In Washington times, there were no calculator or computer. Popular Vote was not countable. In this modern times, it is easier to sum up all votes of all states. The Popular Vote cause confusions. It would be better to ban the publication of the Popular Vote count. 

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