Sunday, October 16, 2016

We, The People

In general, people have no confidence, no trust in their governments and political system. That's true in all countries. People don't think that the government could bring about a change in people life. So, people carry on with their day to day activities.

Only a section of people, identify themselves as intellectuals have problem with their governments. Intellectuals in China, Iran fight with their government for freedom of expression. Intellectuals in many countries fight against the corruption. Here in United States, the intellectuals fight for every little thing.

The common people have no complaints against their government. The common people try to avoid tax. If the common people get caught in small crime or traffic violations, they try to bribe the officials and try to escape from punishments. The common people try to stay away from their government.

The common people do not look for their government for their food, health and shelter. The common people work hard and earn their wealth and try to live a happy life. The common people don't believe that the government could bring food on their table.

The common people don't care whether the head is a King or a Queen or a President or a Prime Minister. Historically, the common people didn't have any serious complaints against the British Empire. In Canada, they still respect their British King and Queen. Only a section of intellectuals created the revolution for freedom and the common people joined force with them and brought the empire down.

In this modern times, both common people and the government have an understanding that you don't bother us and we don't disturb you. The common people know the fact that it doesn't matter who is the next occupant of the White House.

For common people, all political activities are almost similar to Hollywood entertainment. People do have favorite actor or actress in Hollywood. People do stand in line for the first show.

Like their Hollywood superstar, people do have their favorite person for the President. When the common person stands in front of the voting machine, at that moment, for some emotional reason, cast the vote in favor of her or his choice.

In the current political system, they try to project that there are only two choices. Both are not perfect. You need to choose one.

If a person apply logical reason, Donald Trump gets the vote.
If a person apply emotional reason, Hillary Clinton gets the vote.

When people have their favorite superstar in Hollywood, it is purely emotional. The superstar is not going to change the life of a common person. But still, the common person feels proud and satisfied in saying the name of the superstar.

Likewise, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is not going to bring about any big change in common person life. The common person has to go to her or his day job on Monday morning. But, they cast their vote and elect the President of United States.

Right from ancient times to modern times, when it comes to election, people go with their emotions.

Unless, he creates a bigger problem; not a problem of Hillary Clinton; but a larger problem like  September 11, the one that affects common people, then people will vote for Donald Trump.

If Islamic State could carry out an operation in United States or in any other parts of the world, then Donald Trump will win in a big way. Only the real problem like September 11 could bring the people out from their fantasy world.

Alternatively, if Donald Trump launch the fight against the current political process and system; instead fighting against Hillary, then people would listen.

Destroying the entire political system is a very big challenge. But, Donald Trump has no other option. The establishment had pushed Donald Trump into this corner.

Donald Trump has only two options; one is to quit; other is to destroy the entire system.

The easy option is, Donald Trump could quit and Mike Pence could replace Donald Trump. In that way, the political establishments could be saved for another decade.

Another option is, Ivanka Trump could replace Donald Trump. In that way, the political establishments could be saved for another century.

The hard and the most difficult one is, destroy the entire system; disband all political parties; and establish a process based on the Constitution of United States.  In this one, Donald Trump will win; above all, the Constitution of United States would get a healthy life.

For Donald Trump, the fight is no longer with Hillary, it is against the political system of United States of America.

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