Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Great Conspiracy

Electoral College

It is not fair; not fair at all.
Had Hillary Clinton won, they would not have talked about Electoral College.
Now that Donald Trump won, all are busy in understanding:

  • The Constitution of United States
  • The Federalist Papers
  • Electoral College

Two months is too long a period; it gives room for hatching conspiracy. In all other nations, once the result is published, the winner takes the oath. But here, the winner needs to wait for two months.

During the last 18 months, Donald Trump has been very cautious. Now, till the time of taking oath, Donald Trump needs to be extremely cautious. 

In fact, cabinet formation should not be of any high priority now. Donald Trump needs to make sure that he gets the Certificate of Vote from 270 plus Electors.

Right now, Donald Trump is the president-elect only in the media.

Donald Trump didn't get any certificate from any constitutional authority.

During the primaries,  every candidate was greeted as the Next President of United States. 
Likewise, anybody could be greeted as the President Elect. It is just the tradition.

President Obama said, "No Questions!"

President Obama was not ready to give equal status to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is still Donald Trump only.
President Elect is not a constitutional title. 

Some how, nobody could accept this result. It is obvious. 
All were so confident that Hillary Clinton was the Next President of United States.
They couldn't accept this result.

Still there are so many possibilities. 

Option 1:

Go by popular vote. If individual states could go with popular votes, then let the nation go with popular votes. If individual states could allow Winner Takes All, then let the nation allow the Winner Takes All.

In that case, Hillary Clinton is the winner of the popular votes.
So, Hillary Clinton gets all 538 Electoral Votes.

Only problem is, it will be against the Constitution of United States. Electing the President is the rights of individual states not the power of the Federal Government.

So, it will not work.

Option 2:

On December 19, all Electors need to assemble in the capital of their states and cast Two Votes.  All 55 Electors from California will assemble in Sacramento and will vote for Hillary Clinton. 

Right now, Hillary Clinton has 228 Electors. If Hillary Clinton manage to get another 42 Electors, Hillary Clinton could become the President.
How do they arrive at this magic number, 270?

This magic number is not mentioned in the Constitution of United States.
This magic number is not mentioned in the Federalists Papers.

It will be very interesting to learn; when and how, the presidential election turned into winning 270 magic number.

The sum of all parts cannot make it a whole.

This is how the current system works:
California may elect Hillary Clinton
Texas may elect Ted Cruz
Florida may elect Marco Rubio
Ohio may elect John Kasich
Alabama may elect Donald Trump
Arizona may elect John McCain
Indiana may elect Mike Pence

Republicans could split the Electoral Votes and may stop Donald Trump.
If Hillary Clinton offers cabinet positions for all Florida electors, she could become the President.

Option 3:

Had it been any other country, the Electors would be negotiating the deal.
538 Electors - 538 Billions
It will be like Business Acquisition. 
If Facebook could invest 538 Billions, then they could buy the government.

The fact is, after the November 8th election, the power is transferred from the citizens to the 538 Electors. They got the Constitutional Authority.

The 538 Electors could demand positions in the cabinet. 

Now that the Political Establishments failed, the Corporate Establishments are directly entering into political arena.

The truth is; nobody is the President Elect.
The person who takes oath on January 20, 2017 will be the next President of United States.
It is wide open.

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