Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jill Stein

Queen of England is eagerly watching the experiment and the current development of the democracy in the United States.

Melania Trump sensed the uncertainty of the presidential election and decided not to move into the White House immediately.

In fact, Donald Trump raised doubt and concerns over the election process. Now, Donald Trump cannot take back his earlier comments on the rigged election system.

How could one person vote ten times?

Ten times in the same city?
Ten times in the same county?
Ten times in the same state?

Don't we have a voter identification process?

All these early voting options - may provide an opportunity to anyone to move around and vote in many different places? In other countries, the election day is a single day. In a single day, a person cannot be present in many cities. You could eliminate the early voting option and conduct the election on a single day.

In other countries, they don't trust their citizens. So, they make a permanent ink mark on fingers of their citizen after voting. In that way, they avoid multiple voting attempts. It will be a shame on your citizens, when you make a ink mark on them.

In 2008, Barack Obama said, "Malia and Sasha, Let us go to White House."

Barack Obama had the support of the people and also the support of the establishment. So, Barack Obama could confidently make that statement. But Donald Trump doesn't have people support and the establishment support.

How many cabinet positions Donald Trump could offer to win the support of the establishment? Donald Trump cannot satisfy all of the establishment leaders. There are many unsatisfied leaders in the establishment.

They made it so obvious. When Mitt Romney visited, both Donald Trump and Mike Pence were welcoming at the gate. But, when Mitt Romney left, Mike Pence was not there. Also, Mitt Romney was not comfortable with the press and tried to avoid the press. So, it was obvious that the talk didn't go well inside.

Also, Donald Trump keeps saying Eight Years. So, for the establishment leaders, it is now or never. They would like to have fun for every four years.  Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz had to wait for another eight years. That is a long waiting.

Donald Trump cannot assume that all his electors will be voting in favor of him on December 19, 2016. In fact, Donald Trump shall meet all those 538 Presidential Electors in person and seek for their vote. Yes; that's right; all 538 Presidential Electors.

When Donald Trump says, let us united means let us unite all 538 Presidential Electors first. Let Donald Trump meet with 55 Presidential Electors from California and ask them to write his name for the President and Mike Pence name for the Vice President.

It makes sense for the California Presidential Electors. Let them also participate in electing the President. Otherwise, what is the use of voting for Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine.

Let winner take all 538

In that way, Donald Trump need not worry about winning his 270 plus.

Hillary Clinton could give her 232 Jill Stein and let Jill Stein manage to win the rest.

Hillary Clinton will never give a chance to Bernie Sanders.
The Republican may not vote for Hillary.
So, instead of wasting 232 Presidential Electors, Hillary Clinton could hand over them to Jill Stein.

Hillary Clinton would like to do it. But, the Democratic party will not let Hillary Clinton do it.
That will be a blow for the establishment.

As per the Constitution of United States, these Presidential Electors are like the Jurors in the Judicial Branch. Once the Jurors are selected then nobody interferes in the process. The verdict is in the hands of the Jurors.

Likewise, Presidential Electors, once they are elected then they need to have the total and complete freedom of electing the President and Vice President.

After December 19, 2016, if Donald Trump is elected...

The very first task will be; not building the wall across the border; not deporting undocumented immigrants; but disbanding both political establishments.

Both Republican and Democrats establishments are challenging Donald Trump.

Disbanding all pre-established political body - is very much in agreement with the Constitution of United States.

The silent revolution continues...

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