Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#538 Winner Takes All

Gregory Peck and Elizabeth Taylor are the citizens of United States. They are discussing about the American democracy.

Is it true that winner takes all?

Yes. it is. Only two states; Maine and Nebraska dare to be fair and right; the rest of the states continue with the tradition.

Does the constitution say, let winner takes all?

No. The constitution doesn't say that. In fact, the constitution gives the responsibility to the states.

The American Democracy has become like a traditional religious customs. The founder of any religion had a set of objectives. Over a period of time, priests gave a different kind of interpretation and the followers follow the traditional customs without understanding the core values.

That is the sad truth. Winner take all is totally against the constitution and its core values.

All religion starts with truth; but over a period of time they end up in chaos, confusion and terrorism. Certainly, founders had no idea that over a period of time, the interpretation took over the constitution.

Good that our founding fathers wrote the constitution down in paper and also signed it. Had they just assembled and came to an understanding and ignored to write it down, then today we may have several versions of constitution.

Winner take all - it is stealing. If you build a game for kids with winner-take-all concept, kids would say, "it is cheating."

Couldn't we have high precision voting distribution system?  Is it so hard to design and implement?

Why states? Let the winner take the whole country. In that way, we need not color the states with red and blue. Let the winner take the whole; then we either have red nation or blue nation.

That is not a bad idea. We will still be United States of America without divisive state colors.

Is it hard to adopt Maine system for all states. Maine system is the best one and fairly distributes the votes.

Congressional district level, we should be able to decide the winner; not at the state level.

Giving away entire 55 of California to a single candidate is not fair. In fact, George Washington got 67 Electoral votes from those 13 states.

California is so big and crowded. We could divide California into North and South; just like Carolina. In that way, winner may take 25 and 30.

Here at home, we have a wonderful constitution; but by practice, we build a very chaotic and confused democracy.

The worst thing, we try to preach about democracy in middle east countries.

How will it be, if we follow the Constitution?

The best thing is, Alexander Hamilton federalist paper # 68; election of the President.

If we follow the Constitution, people would elect the Presidential Electors from their 538 Congressional Districts. Let those 538 Presidential Electors elect the President.

If we follow the Constitution, then we don't need Nationwide campaign; big donation; big entertainment; and so on.

It will be a simple procedure. People elect high moral value citizen as their Presidential Electors.

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