Saturday, August 20, 2016

#538 Washington, D.C.

Washington, District of Columbia has their own problems. The only election, they could participate is the Presidential Election. They have no State Governor election; no Senator election; no House of Representatives election.

All 100 Senators from 50 states have office in Washington, D.C. But they don't have senators. Nobody represents the citizens of Washington D.C. in the Congress.

It is the same problem in New Delhi too.

Yes, the democracy has three branches. Do they all have to be physically present it in one place?

The three branches have clear separation. Why don't they have physical separation too?

Let the Congress be in Washington D.C.
Let the Supreme Court be in the mid-west.
Let the Executive Branch be in the west.

Let us build a new palace for the President in Moffett Field, Mountain View, California. Let the power of the democracy be distributed across the United States of America.

When they started, there were only 13 states; California was not there. Now, we have 50 states. Let us have the Executive Branch in California.

Washington DC has its unique place in the Electoral College. Washington DC has no place in the Senate or House of Representatives. Washington DC could make a huge difference, if they follow the Constitution of the United States.

In the General Election, citizens of Washington DC elect their Electors. They elect three Presidential Electors. Are those three electors have the same constitutional authority? No.

  • One Elector for the Congressional District of Columbia
  • One Elector for the State equivalent of Washington DC
  • Another Electors also for the State equivalent of Washington DC
When Washington DC strictly follows the Constitution of the United States, the citizens need to vote and elect three Electors. 

It is not clear, whether the citizens elect the Presidential Electors by distinct vote of ballot or single ballot.

Assume that, 10 candidates file nomination for the General Election for the position of the Electors.

Option 1: All 10 candidates name be in a single ballot and people cast vote. The Secretary of DC could announce the first three candidates as winners.

But, this model does not reflect the true democracy.

Option 2: Let there be three ballots. One for the Congressional District. One for Senate one; another for Senate two. Each ballot may have ten candidates each. Let people vote for one person for each ballot.

In that way, more people would participate in the democracy.

The winning Presidential Electors would cast one vote for the President and another vote for the Vice-President.

Three Presidential Electors is the Constitutional Authority of the citizens of Washington DC. They didn't get it easy. They fought for it and with the 23rd amendment, they got three Presidential Electors.

The Secretary of DC needs to understand the value of the General Election. If thirty citizens be the candidate for the Presidential Electors, then that would be the foundation for more representation and participation in the democracy process.

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