Friday, August 12, 2016

#538 Direct Vote

In Philippines, the President is elected by direct vote every six years. Perhaps, United States also may go for six years term; single term for a person; no second term. In that way, we could avoid frequent elections.

Four years term is a too short period for any president. Incidentally, all presidents had two terms.

  • Barack Obama - 2 terms
  • George Bush - 2 terms
  • Bill Clinton - 2 terms
In the 2020 election, the president will seek for second term. Other candidates may need to address, either President Donald Trump or President Hillary Clinton. Anyway, the sitting president is in an advantage position and historically, the president is winning. Then, why do we need an election. Instead, let the president have six year single term.

Another thing, we could learn from Philippine presidential election is - direct vote. No electoral collage. Every vote counts. No winners take all concept. Perhaps, United States also adopt direct vote system.

Another important news is, John Kerry gave 33 million dollars to the Presidential candidate in Philippines. Here, Bernie Sanders fighting for $15 dollar minimum wage. But, John Kerry goes around and distributes dollars all around the world. John Kerry's innovative diplomacy is all about distribution of dollars to Iran, Philippines and other countries. Now, the rest of the world know, when you hurt United States, they will give you dollar to buy peace with you. It is Capitalism Diplomacy.

Philippines gets its own Trump

Rodrigo Duterte. Many refused to believe he could even become a serious contender. But, now, Rodrigo is the President of Philippines.

In this period, all over the world, people are tired of same old, monotonous, political correctness speech. In the current period, Political Correctness is a total failure. People, no longer enjoys sugar-coated, diplomatic format of speech. People seek raw, ugly truth.

Here at home, the Republicans didn't consider Donald Trump as a serious contender. Now it is too late for the Republicans. Meg Whitman has all tools and could predict about her business; but miserably failed to realize the rise of Trump in republican party. It is too late.

All those republicans, who is raising their voice now, should have done it at the very beginning itself. Were they all in deep sleep? It is too late for republicans.

In fact, Donald Trump did follow all the rules of the game. Trump didn't adopt any tricks or cheating. Trump has been very fair in political field. Trump didn't pull anyone's leg; Trump didn't cheat anyone.

In fact, Donald Trump did take the risk of skipping one debate. Trump didn't take money from big corporation. Everything is going in favor of Donald Trump.

Now, everybody have their hope on Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump. Soon, the democrats will also realize the truth and it would be too late for them too.

Then, it will be too late for citizens of United States of America.

In this current period, people see themselves in Donald Trump. CNN and other media may publish about Donald Trump business, tax info, bankruptcy and so on.  People may see those characteristics as the best successful businessman.

In this current period, does anybody care about character and integrity? No. Everybody is after wealth; by hook or crook, let us get rich.

The media may say, Donald Trump is all about I, Me and Myself. That is what all human beings in this world.

Media and the traditional politicians fail to understand the quality of current day human beings. Each and every individual is selfish.

You may think, Muslims will not vote for Donald Trump. That is wrong. Muslims living in United States would vote for Donald Trump. Not only Muslims, all human beings; that has become the nature of human beings.

When you observe any human being, you will understand the movement of their nature and behavior. When they come into United States as a legal or illegal immigrant, they start enjoy the freedom. Then, they go through the citizenship process. When they get green card, they may start complaining about outsourcing. When they become citizen, they may start complaining about visas and illegal immigrants.

Whether it is Muslim or Mexican or any human being,  once they get citizenship, they don't want others to come in. If you look at the data, only a very few, apply for visa to bring in their brothers and sisters. Every individual wants to live in United States and they don't want others, even their own family members to come and enjoy this nation. So, each and every individual is all about I, Me and Myself.

People will vote for Donald Trump. They may not have his name in the bumper sticker. They may not tell anyone that they are going to vote for Donald Trump. They may not even reveal in their life time that they had voted for Donald Trump. But they will vote for Trump.

People will not canvass for Donald Trump. They may not talk even to their family members or friends about Trump, but they will vote for Donald Trump. It will be a silent transformation.

Do we have value in family? No.
Do we have value in any social or political organization? No.
Are we Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson or Alexander Hamilton? No.
We are all different versions of Donald Trump.
Each and every individual see their own reflection in Donald Trump.

So, people will vote for Donald Trump. Certainly, Hillary Clinton cannot stop Donald Trump. People are not very enthusiastic about Hillary. Bernie Sanders supporters will certainly not vote for Trump; but they will stay away on election day.

Citizens of Philippine elected Rodrigo Duterte as their President.
Citizens of United States will elect Donald Trump as our President.

Citizens of United States are in no way different from Citizens of Philippine.

The only difference is, 538 Presidential Electors.

In Philippine, it is direct vote.
In United States, it is not direct vote.

In United States, citizens elect their Presidential Electors and those 538 Presidential Electors would then elect the President of United States.

Even after 300 years, Alexander Hamilton is right.

Don't give all the power to citizens for direct vote.  They will not elect the right candidate. They will elect popular candidate.

Don't give all the power to Member of Parliaments in United Kingdom. They will not elect the right Prime Minister. They will elect a puppet.

Give the power to 538 Presidential Electors and they will elect the right leader as the President of United States.

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