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#538 Maine State is the Leader of USA

Maine splits its electoral votes

Massachusetts first used the splitting method, called the congressional district method, in the elections of 1804, 1812, and 1820. After seceding from Massachusetts and becoming an independent state in 1820, Maine used this method through the election of 1828. The state then adopted the winner-take-all method employed in the rest of the country in presidential elections after that until 1972, when it resumed the congressional district method.

What brought the older method back?

The presidential election of 1968 in which there was a three-way contest among Republican Richard Nixon, Democrat Hubert Humphrey, and independent George Wallace brought to a head in Maine some of the national calls for reform of the electoral college system. Reformists claimed the three-way race (won by Nixon) made the winner-takes-all method unfair and distanced the outcome from what the people really indicated in the popular vote.

Rep. S. Glenn Starbird Jr., Kingman, heard the cries and introduced a bill to the 104th Maine Legislature in January 1969 that would change Maine’s method of applying its electoral votes back to the congressional district method, which many political pundits considered to be closer to the ideal democracy of one person, one vote.

Maine and Nebraska stand alone from the rest of the States. It takes courage for Maine and Nebraska.
For Maine, it is the responsibility; it is the responsibility of the mother states. Maine was part of the initial 13 Mother States.

Maine has history. Maine has history in trying out all options. Maine did try both winner-take-all and also the congressional district method. Maine did give-up the winner-take-all method and adopted the congressional district method way back in 1804.

The rest of the 37 are Sister States. In the Sister States, Nebraska stands alone. It takes courage for Nebraska to evaluate both methods and adopt the right method.

Both Maine and Nebraska are not just different from the rest of the crowd. Both Maine and Nebraska stand alone from the crowd. In fact, they are the leaders. It may take other states to follow Maine and Nebraska. But it will not take another century to adopt the congressional district model.

The leaders do have responsibility.
The leader has to do it right. Maine as the leader, has to do things right.

The Constitution of United States empowers the States to elect the President and Vice-President.  So, there is no need for any amendment in the constitution.

The Maine State Legislature did pass the law to adopt the Congressional District method. So, there is no need for any new law to be passed in the State Legislature.

It is the responsibility of the Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap of Old Town, Maine's 49th Secretary of State.

The Executive Responsibility is on Matthew Dunlap. It is the responsibility of Matthew Dunlap to understand the Constitution of United States.

 The Constitution of United States; Article II. Section 1.
Clause 2: Each State shall appoint a number of Electors.
Clause 3: The Electors shall meet in their respective States and vote by Ballot for two Persons.
The 12th Amendment.
The Electors shall meet in their respective States and vote by Ballot for President and Vice-President.

It is the executive responsibility of the Secretary of State, Matthew Dunlap to conduct the election as per the Constitution of United States and the State Legislature.

General Election

Description of the General Election - The General Election is held nationally on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. In 2016, Maine voters will select their choice for President/Vice President (this process is called the" popular vote").

Each party’s nomination for President/Vice President of the United States, party candidates who are nominated as a result of the June Primary Election, and unenrolled candidates will appear on the General Election ballot. 

The actual election of President/Vice President occurs through the Electoral College.  The “popular vote” is used to choose Maine’s 4 “electors”, who convene at what is called the “Electoral College” at the State House in December to cast their “electoral votes.”

Look at the way, we conduct the elections. Do we follow the written Constitution or some unwritten traditional customs.

The Founding Fathers say:

  • Let the state appoint a number of Electors.
  • Let those Electors elect two persons by ballot vote.
But the traditional customs is totally against the vision of those Founding Fathers and the written Constitution of United States.
If we follow the Constitution in its letter and its spirits, we will have the names of the Elector Candidates in the ballot.

The General Election is all about electing 4 Presidential Electors of Maine State. Let those 4 Presidential Electors meet in December and elect the President and Vice-President.

Let the citizens of each Congressional District cast vote for Three Electors Candidates.
  • One vote for Congressional District Elector
  • One vote for Elector at Large
  • Another vote for the second Elector at Large
In December, Let those 4 Electors meet and vote for the President and Vice-President of United States.

It is the constitutional responsibility of the Citizens to vote and elect the Electors. 

The 4 Electors represent the whole state of Maine. 

Elector is a Constitutional position; like Senators and House of Representatives.

No individual could appoint the Presidential Electors. That traditional custom is against the constitution. 

Could any individual appoint a Senator or House of Representatives? No.

Elector is a constitutional authority and they do have the responsibility to elect the President and Vice-President.

Jury of the Court is a short term position; but they do have the Judicial Authority and Responsibility.

Likewise, Elector is a short term position. Nobody should appoint Electors. Electors need to be elected by the people with vote by ballot.

Why do we need to Fake Electors? The Constitution empowers the Electors. But we make them dummy and ineffective.

Why don't we conduct the real election?

If we strongly believe the current tradition is much much better than the written constitution, then, let us amend the Constitution. We cannot continue with the current practice with our much published written Constitution of the United States.

It is the responsibility of the Secretary of State; not only Maine and Nebraska; but also all 50 states.

Let the Secretary of all states meet and plan for the General Election.

It is all about electing 538 Presidential Electors in November.

In December, let them meet and elect the President and Vice-President.

Definitely, you cannot make Vice-President a dummy position. You make 538 electors dummy. That's not fair. Certainly, you cannot continue with the usual way. It has already been disrupted. 


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